How to Upcycle Old Pizza Boxes into Quirky Wall Art

How to Upcycle Old Pizza Boxes into Quirky Wall Art

Old pizza boxes are often seen as trash, but with a little creativity they can be upcycled into quirky wall art perfect for adding personality to any space. Upcycling reduces waste while allowing you to customize affordable art for your home. Follow this guide to learn everything you need to know about transforming pizza boxes into one-of-a-kind wall hangings.

Gathering Materials

The first step is collecting all the materials you’ll need for your pizza box wall art. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Old pizza boxes – Save your used pizza boxes or ask local pizza places to donate theirs. You’ll want cardboard boxes without grease stains.

  • Scissors or box cutter – To cut and alter the shape of the boxes.

  • Acrylic paint – In whatever colors you want for decorating the boxes.

  • Paint brushes – Get a variety of brush sizes for detail work.

  • Hot glue gun – To assemble box elements and attach decorations.

  • Embellishments – rhinestones, sequins, buttons, lace, fabric scraps, etc. to decorate.

  • Picture hanging supplies – Command strips, nails, or hooks to display your finished art.

Preparing the Pizza Boxes

Once you’ve gathered supplies, you’re ready to prep the boxes:

  • Break down boxes so they lay flat. Remove any grease stains by dabbing with soap and water.

  • Cut or alter the shape if desired. Get creative slicing off flaps or edges to make unique silhouettes.

  • Sand any rough edges smooth for a polished look.

  • Apply 2-3 coats of acrylic paint as a base layer. Let dry fully between coats.

Design Ideas and Decorating Techniques

Now comes the fun part – turning painted pizza boxes into art! Consider these creative design ideas:

Geometric Wall Art

  • Cut boxes into geometric shapes like circles, triangles, diamonds, or rectangles.
  • Arrange into eye-catching patterns and glue into place on a larger board.
  • Paint each individual piece in contrasting colors for visual impact.

Texture Collage

  • Glue pieces of lace, burlap, wallpaper scraps, or fabric to add layers of texture.
  • Adhere buttons, game pieces, or vinyl cutouts for whimsical 3D details.
  • Stick rows of rhinestones along the edges of overlapping boxes.

Framed Art

  • Decoupage pages from old books, sheet music, maps, or comics onto one box.
  • Cut a window frame shape from a second pizza box and glue over the top to frame the artwork.
  • Prop on a small easel for tabletop display.

Monogram or Spelling Letters

  • Use square boxes to form block letters of your first initial, last name, or favorite word.
  • Glue letters together slightly overlapping and decorate edges with lace or washi tape.

Hanging Your Pizza Box Wall Art

Once your pizza box creation is complete, the last step is deciding how to mount it on your wall:

  • Command strips are perfect for lightweight box art without a frame. Use the velcro strips to affix to wall.

  • Smaller pieces can be grouped together and hung on nails. Drill pilot holes first to prevent tearing.

  • For larger, heavier pieces, use picture frame hooks. Install hooks to the wall then bend box edges to hang over.

  • Lean against the wall propped on a ledge or mantel for casually displayed art.

With a little imagination and the right techniques, those old pizza boxes can become chic wall art. Upcycle boxes from your next pizza night into one-of-a-kind creations that show off your style!