How to Upcycle Leftover Yarn into Coasters

How to Upcycle Leftover Yarn into Coasters

How to Upcycle Leftover Yarn into Coasters

Upcycling leftover yarn into coasters is a fun and easy craft project that prevents waste and makes great homemade gifts! With just a few materials, you can give your extra yarn a new purpose and create beautiful handmade coasters for yourself or others.

What You’ll Need

  • Yarn – scraps and leftover yarn in various colors and textures work best
  • Knitting needles – size 8 needles work well, but any needles can be used
  • Four inch coaster bases – wooden, cork, or felt squares with around a 4 inch diameter
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks

Making the Coasters

Step 1: Knit Small Squares with the Leftover Yarn

  • Cast on approximately 20 stitches using your leftover yarn. The cast on number isn’t too important, just aim for a square shape.
  • Knit until you have a square about 4 inches wide. The size should match the size of your coaster bases.
  • Bind off to complete the square.
  • Make as many knit squares as you want coasters. Varying the yarn color and texture creates interest.

Step 2: Arrange the Knit Squares on the Coaster Bases

  • Place each knit square on top of a coaster base, arranging them until you’re happy with the design. Mix different colors and textures for the best effect.
  • Once arranged, carefully flip over each coaster so the blank side is facing up and you can see the underside of the knit square.

Step 3: Glue the Knit Squares to the Coaster Bases

  • Apply a generous amount of hot glue on the underside around the edges of each knit square.
  • Firmly press the yarn down onto the coaster base and hold for 30 seconds as the glue cools.
  • Add extra glue as needed to securely adhere the knit square to the coaster base.
  • Let dry completely. Turn coasters over to see the finished upcycled yarn design!

Design and Variation Ideas

  • For thickness and texture, double up multiple knit squares on one coaster base.
  • Knit with bulky or varying weight yarn for added interest.
  • Shape knit squares into circles, diamonds, hearts or other shapes before gluing down.
  • Use yarn scraps to create pom poms and glue them on as embellishments.
  • Mix and match different textures like wool, cotton, silk, or novelty yarns.
  • Add buttons, felt shapes, or other little notions to further decorate.

Upcycling yarn scraps into coasters is a satisfying way to save resources. Follow the basics and then use your creativity to design unique handcrafted coasters!