How to Upcycle Leftover Stale Bread into Arts and Crafts

How to Upcycle Leftover Stale Bread into Arts and Crafts

How to Upcycle Leftover Stale Bread into Arts and Crafts

I’ve got a bunch of leftover stale bread that I don’t want to just throw away. Instead, I’m going to upcycle it into some fun arts and crafts projects! Here’s how I plan to transform my stale bread into something creative and useful.

Gather Your Supplies

First, I’ll need to gather my supplies. Here’s what I’ll need:

  • Stale bread – The main material I’ll be working with. I’ve got a loaf or two of bread that’s gotten a bit stale.
  • Acrylic paint – I’ll use acrylic craft paint in various colors for decorating the bread.
  • Mod Podge – This sealer/adhesive will help adhere decorations and seal my projects.
  • Paint brushes – For applying paint and sealer.
  • Scissors – For cutting the bread into shapes.
  • Embellishments – Things like glitter, pom poms, googly eyes to decorate the bread.
  • Picture hanging hardware – To hang bread ornaments.

Shape the Bread

I’ll start by cutting my stale bread into shapes and sizes I need for my projects. Here are some of the shapes I’ll cut:

  • Thin slices – For bread pictures and ornaments
  • Circles – For bread wreath forms
  • Hearts – For decorative bread wall hangings
  • Letters – To spell words for bread signage

I’ll use scissors to carefully cut the bread. The stale bread slices fairly easily.

Paint and Decorate the Bread

Once my bread pieces are cut, I’ll paint and decorate them. Here are some decorating techniques I’ll use:

  • Paint a solid color – I’ll paint some pieces completely with acrylic paint in fun colors.
  • Paint details – On other pieces, I’ll paint small designs like dots, stripes, flowers.
  • Glitter – I’ll brush some Mod Podge onto bread slices and cover with glitter for some sparkle.
  • Googly eyes – These make for funny faces on bread shapes.
  • Pom poms – I’ll glue pom poms onto cut-out shapes for texture.

I’ll let everything dry fully between coats of paint and sealer.

Craft with the Bread

Now for the fun part – turning my painted bread slices into crafts! Here are some projects I’ll make:

Bread Wreath

  • I’ll take my painted bread circles and attach them onto a circular wreath form to create a colorful bread wreath.

Bread Signage

  • Using cut-out bread letters, I’ll spell out words and attach to wood boards for rustic bread signs.

Bread Wall Hanging

  • I’ll make a bread heart wall hanging by attaching ribbon and hanging hardware to a painted bread heart.

Bread Ornaments

  • For cute Christmas tree ornaments, I’ll add ribbon loops and hang painted bread slices with glitter, pom poms and googly eyes.

Bread Picture

  • Using a lot of bread slices, I’ll compose a mosaic bread picture on a canvas or wood panel.

I’m excited to put my stale old bread to use in these crafts rather than throwing it away. This is a great way to upcycle it into something new! Let me know if you try any of these stale bread craft ideas.