How to Upcycle Leftover candle wax into fire starters

How to Upcycle Leftover candle wax into fire starters

Have some leftover candle wax from burnt-down candles? Don’t throw it away! You can upcycle that wax into handy fire starters for your fireplace, wood stove, or campfire. Making DIY fire starters is an easy, frugal way to get more use out of spent candles.

I’ll walk you through the entire process step-by-step. You only need a few simple materials to transform candle wax into fire starters. Follow along to learn how!

What You Need

Gather these supplies:

  • Leftover candle wax – Scrape wax remnants from old jars, votives, tealights, etc. Different wax colors/types are fine to mix.

  • Empty egg cartons – Wax-coated cardboard works best. Save your used egg cartons!

  • Wicks – You can recycle wicks from old candles or use new cotton string. Cut into 2-3 inch pieces.

  • Popsicle sticks – Regular wooden sticks work perfectly as wick holders.

  • Foil – Lightly coat the egg carton cups with foil to help remove the wax fire starters.

Optional extras:

  • Dried pine needles – Adds nice aroma and quick-burning tinder.

  • Sawdust – Helps the wax to harden and gives a longer burn time.

That’s all you need! Now let’s melt that old candle wax and turn it into DIY fire starters.

Melting the Wax

Here’s how to melt leftover wax to the ideal consistency for pouring into molds:

  • Break wax remnants into small chunks and place in a metal pouring container. A clean tin can works well.

  • Set the can inside a saucepan filled with 1-2 inches of water (a makeshift double boiler).

  • Heat the water to simmering – hot enough to melt the wax fully.

  • Once wax is completely melted, remove from heat and carefully pour the liquid wax into each egg carton cup, filling 1/2 full.

Key tips: Melt wax slowly to prevent scorching. Melted wax is extremely hot! Handle carefully to avoid burns.

Molding the Fire Starters

While the melted wax is still warm and liquid, quickly assemble your fire starters:

  • Place a wick in the center of each wax-filled egg cup, sticking a popsicle stick at the bottom to hold it upright.

  • Optional: Sprinkle in a small pinch of sawdust or pine needles. This adds fuel and gives a stronger blaze.

  • Let the wax fully harden and cool before removing fire starters from the mold. Refrigerating speeds up cooling.

  • Once hardened, gently pop out the wax fire starters. Run a knife around edges if needed.

It’s that simple! In less than an hour, you’ve repurposed leftover candle wax into easy fire starters.

Using Your Upcycled Fire Starters

Lighting a DIY wax fire starter is easy and efficient:

  • Arrange logs/kindling in your fireplace or campfire as desired.

  • Place a wax starter on top and light the wick. It will burn slowly, helping kindling catch.

  • Once larger logs are burning, you can extinguish and remove the wax starter.

These wax fire starters offer a long-burning, low-smoke flame to ignite fires fast and safely. The enclosed wick means no more struggling with matches and loose newspaper!

Bonus perks:

  • Reuses old candle remnants that would otherwise be trash

  • Creates self-contained, mess-free fire starters

  • Allows customization with various waxes, wicks, or tinder

  • Makes great surplus gifts or camping/emergency supplies

With this simple upcycling project, you can quit throwing out leftover candle wax and turn it into handy fire-starting kindling. Use different molds like muffin tins for custom shapes. Experiment with pinecones, dryer lint, or wood shavings as extra tinder. Get creative and make use of that leftover wax!