How to Upcycle Cardboard Boxes into a Cat Scratching Post

How to Upcycle Cardboard Boxes into a Cat Scratching Post

How to Upcycle Cardboard Boxes into a Cat Scratching Post

Upcycling cardboard boxes into cat scratching posts is an easy, fun DIY project that saves money and reduces waste. Here’s how to make a customized scratcher your cat will love using materials you likely already have at home.

Gather Your Supplies

  • Cardboard boxes of varying shapes and sizes – aim for a few large boxes along with some smaller ones
  • Utility knife to cut the cardboard
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Pencil to mark cuts
  • Scissors (regular or utility)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Sisal rope or twine for scratching surface – about 10-20 ft
  • Catnip (optional)
  • Non-toxic paints or markers for decoration (optional)

Design and Build the Base

The base of your scratching post can be made from a large sturdy box like an appliance box.

  • Use a utility knife to cut off any unneeded flaps so you have a flat surface.
  • Cut an entrance hole if desired so your cat can go inside.
  • If the box is very tall, you may want to cut it down for stability.
  • Draw shapes on the sides of the box to decorate if painting it.

Add Interesting Textures and Levels

Now grab some smaller boxes to glue on top of your base, adding varying heights and textures.

  • Look for boxes like cereal boxes or shoe boxes.
  • Use the utility knife to cut off flaps.
  • Hot glue the boxes to the top of the base box in whichever shape you’d like.
  • Staggering the height and size of the boxes adds visual interest.
  • Cutting holes in the sides of smaller boxes creates peepholes for your cat.

Wrap with Sisal Rope

Time to add the scratchable surface!

  • Use sisal twine or rope, wrapping it tightly around the outside of all boxes.
  • Hot glue the end of the rope to the box to hold it in place.
  • Wrap the rope vertically, horizontally, and diagonally across all surfaces.
  • Cover any cardboard showing through for full scratching coverage.

Add Final Touches

To complete your project:

  • Paint or color the scratch post with markers if desired.
  • Add catnip inside boxes or between rope for extra appeal.
  • Fray the ends of sisal rope with scissors to help attract your cat.
  • Place near a window or area your cat already likes to scratch.

With some boxes and rope, you can create a custom scratching post your cat will love for a fraction of the cost of store bought ones. Upcycling materials is an eco-friendly way to enrich your pet’s life!