How to Upcycle an Old Shower Curtain into a Dog Bed

How to Upcycle an Old Shower Curtain into a Dog Bed

How to Upcycle an Old Shower Curtain into a Dog Bed

I’m excited to share how I upcycled an old shower curtain into a cozy dog bed for my pup! This easy DIY project allowed me to give new life to an item I already owned while also creating a customized bed my dog loves.

Gather Materials

To begin, I gathered the following supplies:

  • An old shower curtain or other fabric I wanted to repurpose
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • Polyfill stuffing

I chose a plastic shower curtain with a fun pattern that I was ready to replace in the bathroom. The shower curtain provided plenty of water-resistant fabric to work with. Keywords: shower curtain, plastic, water-resistant, repurpose

Take Measurements and Cut Fabric

Next, I measured the dimensions I wanted for the dog bed. I made my bed 24 inches wide x 36 inches long to fit my medium-sized dog.

Once I determined the size, I used the ruler and scissors to cut the shower curtain to my desired rectangular shape. I cut along the seams and edges to utilize as much of the existing shower curtain as possible.

Pro Tip: Measure your dog in sleeping position to customize the bed to their size. Add 4-6 additional inches beyond their measurements for wiggle room.

Sew the Pieces Together

With my rectangular fabric cut, it was time to sew!

I used straight stitches about 1/4 inch from the edge to sew the longer edges together, creating a large rectangle pouch. I left one of the shorter ends unsewn to allow for turning and stuffing.

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Stuff the Bed

Here’s when the bed takes shape! I turned the sewn fabric right side out and filled it with polyfill stuffing.

I used small handfuls of stuffing at a time, distributing it evenly throughout the bed. I stuffed the bed firmly so it would retain its shape but was still soft and cozy.

Sew Closed the Opening

Once I was happy with the amount of stuffing, I hand sewed the remaining open end closed using a ladder stitch. This created a concealed seam to finish off the bed.

Keywords: ladder stitch, concealed seam, hand sewing

Add Optional Personal Touches

To make my upcycled shower curtain dog bed truly custom, I added some personal touches:

  • I used fabric glue to adhere my dog’s name to one side of the bed.

  • I sewed on an extra layer of flannel fabric to make the bed even cozier.

  • I attached strips of velcro to secure a removable cushion topper for washing.

Get creative with embellishments to make it meaningful for your pup!

Enjoy Your New Dog Bed!

And that’s it – I had a budget-friendly dog bed ready for my best friend to enjoy for years to come!

Upcycling a shower curtain took an afternoon and allowed me to reduce waste in my home. My dog absolutely loves sleeping on the familiar-smelling bed I crafted just for her.

I hope these steps inspire you to upcycle household items into new pet projects! Let me know if you try making this shower curtain dog bed or have any other upcycling ideas I could try next!