How to Turn Old Socks Into Reusable Napkins

How to Turn Old Socks Into Reusable Napkins

Reusing old socks that would otherwise be thrown out is a great way to reduce waste and save money. Turning them into reusable napkins is an easy and creative DIY project. Here’s a step-by-step guide to transforming old socks into functional and decorative napkins for your home.

Gather Materials

The materials needed for this project are simple:

  • Old socks – ankle and low-cut work best. Make sure they are clean.
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread (optional)
  • Decorative fabric, lace, ribbons etc. for embellishing (optional)

Choose socks made of cotton, wool or microfiber as they will be most absorbent and durable once turned into napkins. Select patterned and colorful socks to make the napkins more attractive.

Set aside socks with holes or very worn heels and toes for other reuse projects.

Cut and Shape the Fabric

Take each sock and cut off the foot portion – this will become your napkin. The cut can be straight across or at an angle.

If the sock has a fold-over cuff, you may want to cut above it to include the cuff in the napkin for a decorative edge.

Cutting tip: Lay the socks out flat and cut through both sides for maximum efficiency.

Once cut, flip the tube of fabric inside out so the seams and hem are on the inside. This gives a smoother edge.

Add Features and Decor

There are several optional steps you can take to enhance your sock napkins before use:

  • Sew a simple hem along the cut edge using a needle and thread or sewing machine. This prevents fraying in the wash.

  • Add decorative fabric or lace using hot glue, fabric glue or by sewing around the edges. Ribbons, rickrack and pompoms also make fun embellishments.

  • Sew on a button or decorative snap/closure to use for neatly folding the napkin when not in use.

  • Iron on a monogram or name tag to identify napkins and prevent mix-ups.

Use patterned fabric glue, sequins, embroidery or fabric paint to add additional patterns and designs. Make each napkin unique and reflective of your personal style.

Use and Care

Once completed, your sock napkins are ready to use!

They can be used like regular napkins at meal times and for serving snacks and appetizers. Their small size makes them ideal for beverages, saucers and side dishes.

Care for your sock napkins as you would any cotton napkin:

  • Machine wash warm and tumble dry low. Don’t use fabric softener.

  • Bleach as needed to keep white napkins looking fresh.

  • Iron on medium heat if wrinkled.

Store folded neatly in a basket or napkin holder. Reuse over and over – these durable napkins will last for years with proper care.

So breathe new life into old socks by transforming them into fun and functional napkins. With a few easy steps, you can keep them out of landfills and add a touch of charm to your tabletop.