How to Repurpose Your Old Flip Phone into a Birdhouse

How to Repurpose Your Old Flip Phone into a Birdhouse

How to Repurpose Your Old Flip Phone into a Birdhouse


As technology advances, many of us find ourselves with outdated flip phones that are no longer in use. While these old phones may seem useless, with a little creativity and effort, they can be repurposed into charming birdhouses to display in your yard or garden.

In this comprehensive guide, I will walk you through all the steps and considerations for repurposing an old flip phone into a functional and decorative birdhouse.

Gather Materials and Tools

Before getting started, you will need to gather some basic materials and tools:

  • Old flip phone(s) – This is the body of your birdhouse. You can use one phone for a small birdhouse or several phones stacked together for a larger one.

  • Wood glue or hot glue gun – To assemble and seal the components of the birdhouse.

  • Acrylic paint and brushes – For painting and decorating the exterior. Make sure the paint is safe for wildlife.

  • Drill with various drill bits – For drilling holes for bird entry/exit and ventilation.

  • Sandpaper – For smoothing out rough edges on your birdhouse.

  • Decorations (optional) – Fake flowers, moss or twigs can help the birdhouse blend into your garden.

  • Protective sealant (optional) – To protect painted surfaces from weathering. Ensure it is non-toxic for birds.

Disassemble the Phone

The first step is to disassemble your flip phone(s) to prep the casing for your birdhouse. This involves:

  • Removing the battery – Unscrew and remove the back case of the phone to take out the battery.

  • Taking out internal components – Remove sim card, motherboard, wiring and all loose internal parts from the phone.

  • Keeping structural components – Leave in any brackets, screws or plastic parts that will help maintain the structure and shape of the phone casing.

  • Cleaning thoroughly – Use rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs to remove any old adhesive and fully clean the inside of the phone casing.

Design and Personalize the Exterior

Now it’s time for the fun, creative part – designing and decorating the outside of your birdhouse!

  • Think about what colors and styles will fit into your garden landscape.

  • Use acrylic paints to do freehand paintings, patterns or nature scenes on the exterior.

  • Glue on any embellishments like flowers, twigs or moss with hot glue.

  • Add personal touches like decorative holes, designs, words or images that reflect your style.

  • Spray paint a protective clear coat over your design if desired.

Create Entry Hole on Front

The entry hole is where birds will come and go from the birdhouse. Follow these tips when cutting the hole:

  • Determine what bird species you want to attract, then research the recommended hole size.

  • Bluebirds, for example, need a 1 1/2 inch circular entry hole.

  • Use a drill bit slightly larger than the target hole size, then file the edges for a clean opening.

  • Drill the hole towards the upper portion of the phone’s front cover for proper drainage.

  • Make sure the entry hole does not have any sharp edges that could harm the birds.

Add Ventilation and Drainage Holes

Proper ventilation and drainage are key for a healthy birdhouse.

  • Use a 1/4 inch drill bit to make several ventilation holes in the top of the phone casing.

  • Adding 10-15 holes will allow airflow without making it drafty.

  • On the bottom of the casing, drill 3-5 drainage holes using a 1/4 inch bit so rain can drain out.

  • Do not drill drainage holes on the sides or front – only on the bottom.

Attach a Backing Panel

The phone casing will be open on the back side, so you need to attach a backing panel to seal off the interior of the birdhouse.

  • Use a thin piece of water-resistant wood cut to size.

  • Attach the backing firmly to the phone casing using wood glue and extra screws if needed for support.

  • Make sure there are no gaps between the backing and phone case to keep elements out and birds protected.

Add Hanging Hardware

To mount your completed birdhouse outside, you need to add hardware to hang it up.

  • Screw a metal eye screw into the top of the phone casing. Ensure it is screwed securely into a stud.

  • Thread rope, twine, wire or a chain through the eye screw to create a hanger.

  • Test hanging the birdhouse to make sure it can support the weight and won’t fall.

  • Consider using a predator guard over the entry hole as an extra protection from predators.

Find Birdhouse Location

Now it’s time to install your upcycled phone birdhouse in the ideal location outside:

  • Look for a spot 5-10 feet off the ground with tree cover for shelter.

  • Face the entry hole away from prevailing winds and rain.

  • Ensure the birdhouse won’t swing and hit anything when hanging.

  • Avoid locating too close to feeders or other birdhouses.

  • Make sure the location gets cleaned out annually before nesting season.


With a creative eye and simple tools, you can easily upcycle an old flip phone into a charming DIY birdhouse. I covered all the major steps from construction to installation so you can have your own eco-friendly phone birdhouse up in no time! Positioning it properly in your garden will create an adorable conversation piece while also inviting wonderful birds to your yard.