How to Repurpose Used Yogurt Cups Into Planters

How to Repurpose Used Yogurt Cups Into Planters

Yogurt cups are a common form of single-use plastic that often end up in landfills. However, these cups can easily be repurposed into miniature planters for small houseplants, herbs, and seedlings. Repurposing yogurt cups is an environmentally-friendly and creative way to recycle these items that would otherwise go to waste.

Benefits of Repurposing Yogurt Cups Into Planters

There are several advantages to repurposing used yogurt cups into DIY planters:

  • Sustainability – Repurposing reduces waste and gives new life to old materials. Reusing yogurt cups keeps them out of landfills.

  • Cheap – Yogurt cups are free and don’t require purchasing traditional flower pots or planters. This is a cost-effective way to create plant containers.

  • Customizable – You can paint or decorate used yogurt cups to create cute, unique planters that add personality. Get creative with patterns, colors, and designs!

  • Portable – The small size makes yogurt cup planters ideal for desktop plants or transporting seedlings and herbs. Their lightweight design is easy to move around.

  • Good for Seedlings – The compact size of yogurt cups is perfect for starting seeds and cuttings. Once seedlings outgrow the cups, they can be transplanted easily into larger pots.

  • Controlled Size – The restricted space helps limit root growth and keeps plants small. Yogurt cups are useful for bonsai and other intentionally dwarfed plants.

What You’ll Need

Transforming used yogurt cups into planters is simple. You’ll need:

  • Yogurt cups – Save your own or ask friends, family, coworkers, coffee shops, etc. to collect theirs for you. Any size or shape of yogurt cup will work.

  • Scissors or craft knife – To cut a drainage hole(s) in the bottom of the cups.

  • Drill (optional) – A drill with a small bit can help make cleaner drainage holes.

  • Paint and/or decorative materials (optional) – Acrylic craft paint, spray paint, markers, stickers, and other embellishments to customize the planters.

  • Plants! – Succulents, small houseplants, herbs, and seeds or seedlings to transplant into your repurposed yogurt cup planters.

How to Make DIY Yogurt Cup Planters

Creating your own yogurt cup planters is simple:

1. Clean the Yogurt Cups

Wash out any remaining yogurt residue and allow cups to dry fully. Remove labels if desired.

2. Add Drainage

Use scissors or a craft knife to poke 1-3 drainage holes in the bottom of each cup. Space holes evenly for best drainage. Wider cups may need extra holes.

Optional: Drill small holes for a cleaner look.

3. Paint or Decorate

Optional step. Paint the outside of cups with acrylic craft paint. Spray paint works too. Let paint fully dry before planting. Use markers, stickers, ribbon, etc. to embellish.

4. Add Potting Mix and Plant

Fill yogurt cups 2/3 full with potting mix or seed starting mix. Gently pack soil to support roots. Plant seeds or insert seedling/plant into soil.

5. Water and Care for Plants

Water soil, allowing excess water to drain from holes. Place in a sunny window and care for plants in yogurt cup planters as usual, watering when soil is partly dry. Monitor water needs in small containers.

Ideal Plants for Yogurt Cup Planters

Many varieties of small plants will thrive in repurposed yogurt cup planters:

  • Succulents like echeveria, jade, and sedum need little water and fit nicely.

  • Herbs such as basil, thyme, oregano, and chives can be grown in yogurt cup planters.

  • Dwarf tomatoes and peppers produce well-suited, petite fruits.

  • Salad greens, kale, and chard seedlings later transplanted to gardens.

  • Sun-loving annuals like marigolds, zinnias, and petunias.

  • Seed starting mixes help germinate vegetables and annuals to transplant into the garden after sprouting.

Displaying DIY Yogurt Cup Planters

Recycled yogurt cup planters look great displayed:

  • Lined up on windowsills and desktops.

  • Clustered to create tiny succulent gardens.

  • Along the edges of balcony railings.

  • Repurposed as favors or gifts at parties when holding seedlings.

  • Given out at weddings and events as decorative takeaways.

  • Grouped into centerpiece arrangements and living bouquets.

With a little creativity, used yogurt cups transform into charming mini planters! Repurposing these single-use plastics gives them renewed purpose and keeps waste out of landfills.