How to Repurpose Used Toilet Paper Rolls

How to Repurpose Used Toilet Paper Rolls

How to Repurpose Used Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet paper rolls are a versatile craft supply that can be repurposed in many fun and creative ways. Here are some ideas for how to give used toilet paper rolls a second life.

Gather Materials

Before starting any toilet paper roll crafts, collect the rolls ahead of time and allow them to fully dry out. It’s also helpful to gather any other materials you might need for your specific project. Here are some commonly used supplies:

  • Toilet paper rolls – Cardboard or cardboard-like paper rolls are best. Avoid using rolls with a glossy exterior.

  • Acrylic paint – Acrylic craft paint works well for decorating rolls. Have an assortment of colors on hand.

  • Hot glue gun – A low-temp hot glue gun allows you to easily attach pieces and secure rolls together.

  • Craft knife – Use a craft knife to cut rolls or slits into them.

  • Scissors – Scissors help cut rolls to size and trim excess material.

  • Embellishments – Ribbon, buttons, pom poms, googly eyes and more can decorate rolls.

Craft Ideas

Here are some fun and creative ways to repurpose toilet paper rolls:

Make Animal Toys

Turn toilet paper rolls into cute animal toys. Paint rolls to resemble animals like snakes, mice, caterpillars or elephants. Glue on googly eyes, pom pom tails or pipe cleaner antennae. Let kids’ imaginations run wild.

Create Flowers

Cut toilet paper rolls into rings. Layer and stack the rings, gluing them together with hot glue to create flower shapes. Spray paint them or brush on acrylic paint. Add a stem and leaves.

Make Stampers

Cut toilet paper rolls into smaller rings. Glue pieces of foam or soft fabric onto the rings to create stampers. Dip into paint and stamp designs onto paper. Change out the stamp tops to vary the patterns.

Build Binoculars

Cut a toilet paper roll in half. Punch a hole on each end and thread a string through to make a neck strap. Let kids decorate the binoculars before using them for scavenger hunts or nature walks.

Craft Ring Holders

Glue colorful pom poms around the outside of a toilet paper roll to make it look like a caterpillar. Use this ring holder to wrangle jewelry, hair ties or other small items. Customize it with google eyes.

Fashion Bracelets

Cut toilet paper rolls into thick bracelet-sized rings. Paint or decoupage the rings with decorative paper, then glue them end-to-end to create wearable bracelets. Size them to fit kids’ wrists.


  • Store extra rolls in a box or container so they don’t get damaged.

  • For more stability, glue a washer or coin into the bottom of handmade toys and stampers.

  • Acrylic paint may take a few coats on cardboard rolls. Use a paintbrush for best coverage.

  • Let glue fully dry before handling projects. This prevents weak spots and breakage.

With a little creativity, toilet paper rolls can make charming crafts and toys for kids and adults. Repurposing them is an eco-friendly way to reduce waste too. Just be sure to supervise young kids with small materials like googly eyes. Then get ready for lots of crafty fun.