How to Repurpose Used Gift Wrapping Paper

How to Repurpose Used Gift Wrapping Paper

The holiday season often means lots of gift giving, and with that comes piles of discarded gift wrapping paper after all the presents have been opened. While it’s easy to just throw it all away, used gift wrap can actually be repurposed in many creative ways. Here’s an in-depth look at the different options for giving used gift wrapping paper a second life.

Reuse as Wrapping Paper

One of the easiest repurposing ideas for used gift wrap is to simply reuse it to wrap more gifts! As long as the paper is still in good condition without major rips or tears, it can definitely be turned into wrapping paper once again.

Here are some tips:

  • Fold and store tissue paper. Any tissue paper included with gifts can be nicely folded and saved to reuse as gift filler later on.

  • Flatten and stack sheets of wrapping paper. Take time to flatten out any crumpled or wrinkled paper. Neatly stack the sheets and store them together for future wrapping needs.

  • Save ribbons and bows. Detach any ribbons or bows in good condition and store them with the wrapping paper. Bows can often be repurposed.

  • Use the blank side. Sometimes only one side of a sheet of wrapping paper gets used. Flip it over and wrap another gift using the blank side.

Reusing wrapping paper helps reduce waste and saves money on buying new rolls of paper each year.


Used gift wrap is great crafting material for many homemade projects and decorations. The festive prints and colors are ideal for holiday crafts. Here are some ideas:

Holiday Cards

  • Cut strips of wrapping paper to make bunting shaped holiday cards. Use ribbon to string the pennant flags together and attach a greeting tag.

  • Decoupage card fronts. Adhere pieces of wrapping paper onto blank note cards using decoupage glue for the card front. Write greetings inside.

  • Origami decorations. Fold used wrapping paper into origami stars, trees, snowflakes, or animals to use as ornaments or table decor.

Gift Tags and Embellishments

  • Cut out shapes. Use cookie cutters or trace templates to cut shapes like trees, snowflakes, stars, etc. out of used paper. Glue onto gifts as tags.

  • Make tassels and fringe. Cut or tear paper into long strips. Roll and glue the ends together to make colorful tassels to decorate gifts.

  • Fold paper fans. Accordion fold paper strips into decorative fans to top gifts.

Wall Art

  • Decoupage trays or frames. Adhere wrapping paper pieces into empty trays, frames, or shadow boxes to make one-of-a-kind wall art.

  • Paper garland. Cut out different shapes to make a paper garland by stringing the shapes together to hang up.

  • Paper wreath. Cut strips of paper, roll and glue into loops to form a colorful wreath shape for hanging.

The creative possibilities are endless! Wrap scraps can make any room more festive.

Packing and Storage

Used gift wrap is also great for packing up fragile items for moving or storage. The cushioning paper helps pad and protect delicate possessions.

  • Wrap dishes in sheets. Layer plates, bowls and other dishware in sheets of paper and gently wrap for packing.

  • Make paper cushioning. Crumple up sheets into balls to use as packing filler around breakables in boxes.

  • Line boxes. Use larger sheets or pieces to line the bottom of boxes before packing to add cushion.

Wrapping paper padded storage is environmentally-friendly compared to purchasing new packing materials.

Other Uses

Some other useful ways to reuse gift wrap include:

  • Use as drop cloth when painting or doing messy crafts.

  • Wipe up spills quickly with decorative paper towels.

  • Line dresser drawers to add a pop of color and pattern.

  • Cover shelves or tables before displaying items as a quick liner.

With a little creativity, the possibilities for repurposing used gift wrap are endless! Reusing and upcycling discarded paper reduces waste while also allowing for fun new crafts and storage solutions.