How to Repurpose Used Dryer Sheets

How to Repurpose Used Dryer Sheets

Used dryer sheets have many great uses around the home beyond making clothes soft and static free in the dryer. With a little creativity, I can give used dryer sheets new life and save money by repurposing them. There are several easy ways I can reuse dryer sheets around my house.

Cleaning with Used Dryer Sheets

Used dryer sheets can be great cleaning tools for many surfaces in my home. The anti-static properties of dryer sheets that make them great for laundry make them useful for dusting as well.

Dusting with Dryer Sheets

One of the easiest ways I repurpose used dryer sheets is by using them to dust. The dryer sheets attract dust and lint on surfaces around my home. To use them for dusting:

  • I simply grab a used dryer sheet and wipe down surfaces like tabletops, shelves, window sills, blinds, ceiling fans, televisions, and more.
  • The dryer sheet clings to and lifts dust and lint off the surface much better than a traditional duster.
  • Dryer sheets are also great for dusting delicate surfaces like electronics or breakable items that could scratch with abrasive dusters.
  • For really dusty or neglected areas, I can lightly spritz the dryer sheet with a water/vinegar solution to help cut through the grime.

Dryer sheets are a cheap and easy way to get a quick dusting done throughout my home between deeper cleanings.

Cleaning mirrors and windows

In addition to dusting, I also use dryer sheets to clean mirrors, windows, and other glass surfaces. The antistatic properties that allow them to dust so well also help them shine and streak-free clean glass. To clean with dryer sheets:

  • I wet the used dryer sheet with water or a water/vinegar solution.
  • I wipe down the glass surface in circles removing dirt, grime, fingerprints, and more that accumulate on the glass.
  • The dryer sheet cuts through grease and leaves the surface sparkling clean without harsh chemicals.
  • Dryer sheets leave less lint and streaks behind than paper towels or rags.
  • For really dirty windows, I can let the wet dryer sheet rest on the surface for a few minutes to help lift grime before wiping away.

Dryer sheets are a frugal and effective glass cleaner for an environmentally-friendly clean.

Deodorizing with Used Dryer Sheets

Since dryer sheets are designed to make laundry smell fresh, I can also reuse them to deodorize areas around my home. Dryer sheets help combat tough odors.

Deodorize shoes

My sneakers and Athletic shoes often get pretty smelly from all the sweat and activity when I wear them. Rather than using harsh shoe deodorizing sprays, I can give them new life with used dryer sheets. To deodorize shoes with dryer sheets:

  • I simply stuff 2-3 used dryer sheets tightly into each shoe overnight.
  • The sheets absorb moisture and odors and leave the shoes fresh in the morning.
  • I can repeat this each time I wear them to keep the smell away.
  • I swap out old sheets for new ones every few weeks for maximum odor elimination.

Dryer sheets offer a simple, natural shoe deodorizer.

Freshen musty spaces

I can also use dryer sheets to freshen up musty smelling areas around my home. Places like closets, bathrooms, basements, and storage spaces can easily start to smell stale and musty. To freshen them up, I:

  • Place used dryer sheets around the area in spots prone to mildew and dampness.
  • I slip sheets under couch cushions, inside luggage, and anywhere odors tend to linger.
  • The pleasant fragrance from the dryer sheets masks the musty odors.
  • I replace the sheets monthly or whenever the scent fades.

It’s an easy fix to keep my whole home smelling fresh.

Eliminate pet odors

Even though I love my furry friends, sometimes pets can leave some unfavorable odors behind. Dryer sheets can help with that too. To reduce pet smells:

  • I lightly rub used dryer sheets over surfaces the pets frequent where odors accumulate like beds, carpets, and furniture.
  • For potty training puppies, I place sheets with their pee pads to help control odors.
  • In the litter box, dry sheets help absorb moisture and trap smells from cat waste.
  • I can feed pets dryer sheets to help freshen odors when the odor originates internally.
  • For wet dogs, gently rubbing with a sheet helps dry coat and leave fresh scent behind.

Dryer sheets are a simple way to control tough pet odors and leave areas smelling pleasant again.

Other Uses for Dryer Sheets

Beyond cleaning and deodorizing, used dryer sheets still have a lot of functional uses left in them. I am able to repurpose them in several other areas around my home before their useful life is over.

Dryer Sheet Fire Starters

For an easy fire starter, I repurpose dryer sheets combined with old wax or sawdust. To make these quick fire starters:

  • I melt old candle wax or wax from other sources and let it soak into a stack of used sheets.
  • Or I pour sawdust onto sheets in a container, coat with melted wax, and let dry.
  • The wax makes the sheets flammable and sawdust helps with added combustion.
  • One sheet placed under kindling sparks a flame quickly when I need to light fires.

These homemade starters mean I spend less on store-bought versions.

Make Dryer Sheet Scrubbies

Dryer sheets have a slight abrasive texture even after they are used which allows me to reuse them for gently scouring. To make scouring scrubbies:

  • I place 3-5 used sheets flat and tightly roll them into a ball shape.
  • I rub the dryer sheet ball over dirty pots, pans, baking dishes, and more to lightly remove stuck on residue.
  • The scrubbies are soft enough not to scratch surfaces but textured enough to clean gunk.
  • I can sew sheets between 2 pieces of fabric to make pad scrubs for cleaning larger areas.

These scrubbies cost just pennies to make and work great.

Pest and Rodent Repellent

Surprisingly, dryer sheets can even help repel insects, mice, and other household pests. To use them for this purpose:

  • I stuff sheets into small openings I find where pests enter like cracks or holes.
  • Dryer sheets also go under appliances, along baseboards, attic vents, or anywhere else pests frequent.
  • The strong scents are unpleasant to pests and drive them away. However, they are safe for pets.
  • I reapply fresh sheets monthly or more often if the scent fades.

It’s a simple, natural pest repellent.

With a little creativity, the possibilities are endless for repurposing used dryer sheets and keeping them out of landfills. Their cleaning power, fragrance, and abrasiveness give them continued usefulness throughout my home. Reusing dryer sheets saves me money on cleaning supplies and other household items.