How to Repurpose Toilet Paper Rolls into Mini Speakers

How to Repurpose Toilet Paper Rolls into Mini Speakers

How to Repurpose Toilet Paper Rolls into Mini Speakers

Turning toilet paper rolls into mini speakers is a fun, easy craft that recycles what would normally be trash into a useful item. With just a few simple materials, you can make your own portable speaker in no time.

Materials Needed

  • Toilet paper rolls – The cardboard tubes left over after you use up a roll of toilet paper. Make sure they are empty rolls. You’ll need 2-4 rolls for a single speaker.
  • Magnets – Small disc magnets or rectangle magnets. You’ll need 2 per speaker.
  • Copper wire – Thin gauge magnet wire or copper wire. The longer the wire, the more rolls you can use for your speaker.
  • Auxiliary cable – A 3.5 mm male to male auxiliary cable. This will be used to transmit the audio signal to your speaker.

Steps to Make the Speaker

1. Gather your materials

Make sure you have everything you need before you start. Toilet paper rolls, magnets, copper wire, and an auxiliary cable. Try to find rolls that are similar in length and diameter for the best sound.

2. Create the wire coil

Take your copper wire and tightly wrap it around one toilet paper roll, making sure the coil is tight with no gaps. Leave about 6 inches of wire loose at each end. The more rolls you are using, the more wire you will need.

3. Arrange the toilet paper rolls

Stack up your toilet paper rolls on top of each other (2-4 rolls high). The rolls should be aligned with the openings facing the same direction. Place a magnet on the top and bottom of the stack, making sure the magnets directly overlap each other.

4. Connect the wire

Take the loose ends of the wire coil and connect one end to the top magnet and the other end to the bottom magnet. The magnetic force will hold the wire in place.

5. Add the auxiliary cable

Take your 3.5 mm auxiliary cable and separate the two channels. Connect the left channel to one end of the wire coil and the right channel to the other end.

6. Cover with tape (optional)

For extra durability, you can wrap the outer toilet paper rolls with decorative tape or washi tape. This will help hold everything together.

7. Play music through the speaker

Plug the aux cable into your phone, tablet, or other audio device. Start playing music and you should hear it play through your handmade toilet paper roll speaker! Adjust the volume and placement to get the best sound.


  • The more toilet paper rolls you use, the louder the sound will be. Experiment to find the ideal number for your speaker.

  • Make sure the wire is coiled tightly around the inner toilet paper roll for best sound quality. Any gaps or looseness can cause buzzing.

  • If the sound is distorted, try arranging the coils in opposite directions (one clockwise, one counterclockwise). This can cancel out the electromagnetic interference.

  • Decorate your speaker with markers, stickers, glitter, or other embellishments to make it look nice. Let your creativity shine!

With just basic craft supplies, you can repurpose toilet paper rolls from trash to a fun DIY speaker. Making your own mini speaker is simple, cheap, and eco-friendly! Try out different designs to find the best sound.