How to Repurpose Old Pizza Boxes into Eco-Friendly Food Storage Containers

How to Repurpose Old Pizza Boxes into Eco-Friendly Food Storage Containers

How to Repurpose Old Pizza Boxes into Eco-Friendly Food Storage Containers

Reusing old materials in creative ways is an excellent tactic for reducing waste and helping the environment. Pizza boxes are ubiquitous and often tossed out after just one use. However, with a little effort, these boxes can be repurposed into handy and eco-friendly food storage containers.

Gather Materials

  • Old pizza boxes – Make sure they are empty and relatively clean. Avoid boxes with excessive grease stains.
  • Scissors or box cutter – For cutting the boxes into workable pieces.
  • Ruler – Useful for measuring pieces to cut uniformly.
  • Hot glue gun – For assembling the repurposed boxes. Low temp glue guns work best.
  • Decorative duct tape (optional) – For adding design accents and reinforcing seams.

Break Down the Boxes

  • Carefully break down each pizza box along its glued seams using your hands.
  • Try to keep the cardboard intact in flat pieces as much as possible.
  • Cut or tear off any soiled or heavily greased sections.
  • Set aside large flat pieces to use for constructing the food containers.

Measure and Cut Pieces

  • Use a ruler to measure and mark rectangular sections on the cardboard.
  • Standard sizes like 6×6 inches or 8×8 inches work well for small containers.
  • Use the scissors or box cutter to cut out the marked container pieces.
  • Cut matching bottom and lid pieces for uniform containers.

Assemble the Containers

  • Apply hot glue along the edges of a bottom piece.
  • Attach the matching lid piece on top to form a box.
  • Hold tightly until the glue cools and sets.
  • Add tape along the interior seams for reinforcement.
  • Decorate the exterior with colored tape as desired.
  • Let the glue fully cure overnight before using.

Use Your Upcycled Containers

  • Fill the repurposed pizza box containers with leftovers or snacks.
  • The rectangular shapes make them easy to stack and organize.
  • Always label contents and dates for food safety.
  • Avoid greasy or wet foods that might compromise the cardboard.
  • When done, simply compost or recycle the containers.

With a little creativity, those old pizza boxes can be given new life as handy and eco-friendly food storage. This simple upcycling project helps keep materials out of landfills. Try customizing your containers with fun tape patterns to add flair. Making storage solutions out of trash is a very satisfying way to reduce waste.