How to Repurpose an Old Sweater Into a Cat Bed

How to Repurpose an Old Sweater Into a Cat Bed

How to Repurpose an Old Sweater Into a Cat Bed


Reusing old clothing can be a fun way to get creative and make something new! Old sweaters are perfect for repurposing into cozy cat beds. With some simple sewing, you can give your feline friend a custom sleeping space.

Cat beds made from sweaters are easy to make, environmentally friendly, and budget-friendly. This article will walk you through all the steps to repurpose an old sweater into a DIY cat bed from start to finish.

Gather Materials

The first step is gathering the supplies you’ll need. Here’s what you’ll need to make a sweater cat bed:

  • Old sweater – Pick a sweater that is worn out, stained, or damaged in some way. The larger the sweater, the bigger the cat bed.

  • Fabric scissors – You’ll need a good pair of scissors to cut the sweater.

  • Needle and thread – Any needle and strong thread will work. You can match the thread color to the sweater.

  • Polyester fiberfill stuffing – This filling gives the bed some cushy padding. You can find it at any craft store.

  • Pins – Push pins help hold the fabric in place as you sew.

  • Optional: Catnip – Sew in some catnip to make the bed even more enticing to your cat.

Cut the Sweater

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, it’s time to start cutting. Follow these steps:

  • Lay the sweater flat and decide on the dimensions for the cat bed. Keep in mind your cat’s size.

  • Cut off the sleeves and any turtlenecks, collars, or extra decorative elements on the sweater. These need to be removed so the bed lays flat.

  • Cut the sweater’s front and back panels away from each other, starting from the neckline down to the hem.

  • Next, measure and cut a square or rectangle shape from each panel. The size you cut depends on how big you want the bed. Bigger is better so your cat can stretch out.

  • Trim any holes or imperfections in the fabric so they don’t cause weak spots in the bed.

Sew the Bed Walls

With your fabric cut, it’s time to sew. Follow these steps carefully:

  • Take your two fabric panels and overlap the long edges by 1/2 inch. Pin the layers together.

  • Sew the layers together with a straight stitch down the long, overlapped edge. Repeat this on the two short edges.

  • You should now have a square or rectangular pocket. This will form the outer walls of the bed. Trim seam allowances to reduce bulk.

  • On the remaining open edge, fold the fabric inward by 1/2 inch and press with an iron. Then fold it in again by another 1/2 inch and press. Pin in place.

  • Sew around this folded edge to enclose the bed. Make sure to backstitch over this seam to reinforce it. This opening will be used to insert the stuffing.

Stuff the Bed

Now it’s time to give the bed some cushy filling:

  • Take your polyester fiberfill stuffing and loosely fill up the interior of the bed. Don’t overstuff. Add stuffing gradually until it feels like a soft pillow.

  • Once it’s stuffed, hand sew the opening closed or use a ladder stitch. Make sure to close it securely.

  • If you want to add catnip, you can sew in a small catnip pouch before fully closing the bed. Just place it inside the walls before stitching closed.

  • Fluff and shape the bed with your hands through the knitted fabric. Shake it gently to distribute the filling evenly.

And that’s it – you now have a handmade cat bed! An old sweater has been creatively reused.

Tips for Use and Care

Here are some handy tips for using and maintaining your sweater cat bed:

  • Spot clean stains on the outside of the bed as needed. For a deeper clean, handwash and air dry. Do not machine wash or dry.

  • Check seams regularly for holes or tears. Close openings with hand stitches to prevent spillage of stuffing.

  • Fluff and reshape the bed often so it retains its pillow-like loft. Filling will compress over time.

  • Attract your cat to the bed by sprinkling catnip on it or placing it in a cozy cat hangout spot.

  • Rotate beds by setting out a freshly washed one and putting the old one in the wash. This refreshes smells.

With some handy sewing skills and reusable materials, you can create a comfortable handmade cat bed your feline will love. This easy sweater bed project gives old sweaters new life and keeps your cat cozy.