How to Repurpose an Old Glass Bottle into a Bedside Lamp

How to Repurpose an Old Glass Bottle into a Bedside Lamp

How to Repurpose an Old Glass Bottle into a Bedside Lamp


Recycling old glass bottles by turning them into functional bedside lamps is a fun and creative way to reduce waste. With some basic DIY skills and materials, you can make a beautiful upcycled lamp that adds charm to your bedroom decor.

In this guide, I will walk you step-by-step through the process of repurposing an old glass bottle into a cute DIY lamp. Here is what I will cover:

  • The benefits of upcycling glass bottles into lamps
  • What you need to make a bottle lamp
  • How to clean and prepare the glass bottle
  • Choosing the right base, socket, and cord
  • Assembling the lamp components
  • Adding decorative touches like paint, twine, raffia, etc.
  • Safety tips for working with glass and electricity

So if you are ready to turn that old wine or soda bottle into a chic bedside light, let’s get started!

The Benefits of Turning Bottles into Lamps

Upcycling glass bottles into lamps is beneficial for many reasons:

  • It reduces waste by giving old bottles new life instead of tossing them in the recycling bin or trash.
  • Making your own lamp is an inexpensive craft project using materials you likely already have at home.
  • The unique, handmade design of a bottle lamp adds personalized flair to your living space.
  • Transforming bottles into lamps keeps them out of landfills and reduces their environmental impact.
  • Bottles come in diverse shapes, sizes and colors, allowing for lots of creativity and customization.
  • DIY lighting is an enjoyable way to learn new skills like basic wiring, drilling, painting techniques, etc.
  • Bottle lamps make great gifts for friends and family who appreciate upcycled, eco-friendly crafts.

So repurposing old bottles is easy on the wallet while also being good for the environment – win-win! The finished lamp will lend a fun, artistic vibe to any room.

What You Need to Make a Bottle Lamp

Before upcycling a glass bottle into a lamp, you will need to gather these basic materials and tools:

  • An empty glass bottle – can be any shape, size, color
  • A power drill with various drill bits
  • Lamp hardware kit – lamp socket, switch, cord, harp, piping
  • Lamp base – block of wood, metal, plastic, etc.
  • Adhesives – E6000 glue, hot glue gun sticks
  • (Optional) Decorative materials – paint, twine, raffia, lace, etc.
  • Protective gear – safety goggles, work gloves
  • A clean work surface like a table or workbench

The specific lamp hardware and base you need will depend on the size and shape of your bottle. Visit a hardware store or browse online to find lamp kits and materials to coordinate with your bottle’s dimensions.

Gather everything you need before starting the lamp DIY project. Now let’s prep the bottle!

Preparing and Cleaning the Glass Bottle

Before transforming your empty bottle into a lamp, you first need to clean and prep it properly:

  • Remove all labels, adhesive, and residue from the bottle with hot soapy water, vinegar, or a glue-dissolving product like Goo Gone.

  • Use a bottle brush to thoroughly scrub the inside to remove dirt, stains, mold, and lingering smells.

  • If there are tough stains that soap and brushes cannot remove, fill the bottle about 1/4 full with dry rice or salt and some vinegar. Let soak overnight, then shake vigorously to scrub off stuck-on gunk.

  • Rinse the bottle several times until the water runs completely clear.

  • Allow the bottle to air dry thoroughly before moving to the next step. Lingering moisture could dangerously interact with electricity.

  • Once dry, examine the bottle for chips, cracks, or rough edges and sand them smooth using fine-grit sandpaper. This prevents injury during the DIY process.

  • Wear work gloves and safety goggles when sanding glass to protect your hands and eyes. Work carefully.

Now your glass bottle is squeaky clean and ready to be wired and illuminated!

Choosing the Hardware – Socket, Cord, and Base

Next, take your cleaned bottle to a hardware store to purchase the necessary lamp parts:

  • The socket connects to the power cord and light bulb. Choose an Edison-style socket for a vintage look, or a more modern round socket. Make sure it fits the bottle’s neck.

  • The power cord runs electricity from the wall outlet to the socket. Opt for a cloth-wrapped cord for an old-fashioned vibe. Match the cord length to the table height.

  • The lamp base anchors and stabilizes the bottle. Consider materials like wood, metal, marble, or plastic in a shape and size fitting the bottle.

  • Optional accent pieces like the harp (the metal piece covering the wiring) and finial (screw-top decor piece) allow further customization.

  • Buy a light bulb with wattage appropriate for your lamp size. Generally 25 watts works well for most table lamps.

The hardware pieces will attach to the bottle to make it light up beautifully. Next we construct the lamp!

Assembling the Lamp Components

Once you have all the needed lamp parts and tools, it’s time to assemble them:

  • Mark the center point on the bottle’s base and use the power drill to carefully drill a hole just big enough for the cord to pass through. Use eye protection.

  • Place the bottle atop the lamp base and outline the bottom. Remove bottle and drill 2-4 holes within this outline for securing it with screws.

  • Feed the power cord up through the hole in the bottle base and out through the neck.

  • Attach the lamp socket to the cord emerging from the neck using wire strippers and wire nuts. Follow directions included with the socket kit.

  • Screw in the light bulb and then screw on the socket to the harp (the metal piece that attaches the socket to the neck).

  • Place the harp and socket into the bottle neck and secure with the finial (the decorative screw-top piece).

  • Run the plug end of the cord through the drilled hole in the lamp base. Knot it for extra security.

  • Glue the bottle to the base using strong adhesives like E6000, and let fully dry.

  • Add any extra embellishments if desired, like painting the bottle, adding raffia around the neck, etc.

  • When the glue dries, plug in and enjoy your upcycled bottle lamp!

Decorative Touches – Paint, Twine, Ribbon

Beyond the basic lamp supplies, you can add decorative flair:

  • Paint the bottle by lightly sanding, priming, and painting it with spray paint or acrylic craft paint. Metallic, ombre and faux-stained glass effects work great.

  • Wrap the neck with twine, rope, or raffia for texture. Use hot glue to adhere the material.

  • Add ribbons, lace, or fabric around the harp, neck, or base. Use a hot glue gun to attach them.

  • Make a patterned decoupage by cutting out pictures from magazines/scrapbook paper and adhering them to the bottle with Modge Podge glue.

  • Embellish the bottle by adhering shells, beads, buttons, or crystals using strong adhesives. Allow time to dry.

  • Affix strips of washi tape, vinyl, or contact paper for color and interest. Smooth down the edges firmly.

By personalizing the bottle’s outside appearance, you can make the lamp fit any style from rustic to modern. Let your creativity shine!

Safety Tips When Making a Bottle Lamp

When upcycling glass and working with electricity, safety should be the top priority:

  • Wear protective gloves and eyewear when handling broken glass or using power tools. Never work with broken/damaged glass.

  • Turn off the power at the circuit breaker when doing any electrical work. Double check that the cord is unplugged.

  • Avoid excess moisture – make sure the bottle is fully dry before wiring. Keep liquids away from lamp parts.

  • Check for possible wire fraying and cracks in the socket before connecting to power source.

  • Do not overload the cord. Use appropriate wattage bulbs. Overheating could cause fire.

  • Supervise children closely and do not allow them to handle broken glass or electrical components.

  • Ventilate the work area when using glues, paints, etc. Avoid inhaling fumes.

  • Let glues fully cure and dry 24-48 hours before using the lamp. Prevent possible electric shock.

Exercising caution ensures you safely transform your bottle into a gorgeous DIY lamp!


Upcycling old bottles into beautiful lamps gives new life to “trash” while reducing environmental waste. Choose a meaningful bottle, get creative with paints and decor, and wire it up with quality lamp components for a one-of-a-kind lighting accent. Spend an afternoon crafting a bottle lamp yourself, or give one as a handmade gift. Just be sure to put safety first when working with glass and electricity. Let that unique bottle shine bright – you’ll love the glow!