How to Recycle Your Used Toilet Paper Rolls

How to Recycle Your Used Toilet Paper Rolls

Recycling used toilet paper rolls is an easy way to reduce waste and help the environment. There are many creative ways to give used rolls new life. With a little effort, you can turn these humble cardboard tubes into fun crafts, handy household items, or planters for your garden.

Why Recycle Toilet Paper Rolls?

Recycling toilet paper rolls keeps them out of landfills. Toilet paper rolls are bulky and don’t break down quickly. Recycling reduces their environmental impact.

Here are some key reasons to recycle toilet paper rolls:

  • Cardboard takes up a lot of space in landfills. Recycling reclaims this space.
  • Recycling conserves resources. Turning used rolls into new products is more sustainable than creating items from raw materials.
  • Making paper uses lots of water and energy. Recycling cuts down on the resources needed to produce new paper products.
  • Recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing and transporting virgin paper.

So by recycling toilet paper rolls, you can help reduce waste, protect forests, and lower carbon emissions. Every roll you reuse makes a difference!

How to Prepare Used Toilet Paper Rolls for Recycling

Collecting and preparing used rolls takes just a few simple steps:

  • Set up a container in your bathroom to collect used rolls. A pretty basket or bin works well.
  • When full, remove any remaining toilet paper still on the rolls.
  • Flatten the empty cardboard tubes to save space.
  • Let them dry out if damp.
  • Bundle together clean, dry rolls with twine or rubber bands.

Storing the flattened rolls together keeps them neat and organized. Then they are ready for creative recycling projects!

Creative Ways to Reuse Toilet Paper Rolls

With a stash of collected rolls on hand, the fun begins! Here are some creative ways to reuse toilet paper tubes:

Arts and Crafts

Toilet paper rolls are perfect for all kinds of crafts. Their hollow tubes and sturdy cardboard make great building materials.

  • Make stamps by gluing patterns of foam, buttons, or stickers to the ends of rolls.
  • Build diorama scenes using miniatures glued inside and outside the rolls.
  • Create beads by cutting rolls into slices and threading them onto cord.
  • Decorate rolls by painting them, gluing on collage materials, or wrapping with yarn.

Craft stores sell googly eyes, pompoms, and other supplies that stick nicely to toilet paper rolls for funny critter creations. Let your imagination run wild!

Storage and Organization

The tubular shape of toilet paper rolls also works well for storing small items and organizing clutter.

  • Stand rolls upright to corral writing utensils on a desk.
  • Glue rolls together into handy desktop organizers for paper clips, thumb drives, and more.
  • Use rows of toilet paper rolls to sort and separate jewelery like necklaces and earrings.
  • Store sewing notions like thread, buttons, and ribbons neatly inside the tubes.

By repurposing toilet paper rolls into storage solutions, you can tidy up your home office, craft area, or other messy spaces.

Planters and Seed Starters

As biodegradable cardboard, toilet paper rolls are ideal for gardening projects.

  • Turn rolls into miniature planters by filling with potting soil and seeds. Basil, lettuce, and succulents grow well.
  • Use tubes as protective seed starters. Place seeds inside, then transplant the entire tube into soil.
  • Cut rolls lengthwise, fill with soil, and use as seed row markers in your vegetable garden.

Recycling toilet paper rolls connects sustainability at home with green practices in the garden!

Creative Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

Toilet paper rolls make great craft materials for children. Here are some fun toilet paper roll projects to do with kids:

  • Binoculars – Decorate two rolls with stickers and attach together with yarn.
  • Maracas – Fill rolls with beans or rice and seal the ends to make musical shakers.
  • Telescopes – Decorate a roll and pretend to search for constellations.
  • Trains – Connect several painted rolls together with fasteners.
  • Bracelets – Cover rolls with washi tape or duct tape for colorful wearable art.

Crafting with recycled materials like toilet paper tubes teaches kids sustainability. Let their creativity run wild! They will be proud to make and play with toys from reused household items.

Where to Recycle Large Quantities of Toilet Paper Rolls

For recycling large amounts of toilet paper rolls, look into community programs or office collection services.

  • Many cities and towns accept bundled rolls in curbside recycling bins or at recycling drop-off centers. Check local guidelines on preparing materials.
  • Schools and community centers may have recycling drives where families can donate large quantities of toilet paper rolls for craft projects.
  • Office buildings often collect used toilet paper rolls to ship to recycling facilities. Ask about adding rolls from your home.

Recycling rolls through established collection programs ensures they get properly processed rather than landfilled. It keeps the cardboard circulating through the recycling stream.


Toilet paper rolls seem humble, but they can have a big environmental impact. By consistently recycling rather than trashing used rolls, we keep tons of cardboard out of landfills. With a little creativity, recycled toilet paper rolls come to life in amazing ways! Turn them into arts, crafts, organizers, planters, and more. Your recycled rolls can inspire sustainability every day.