How to Recycle Your Old Cassette Tapes

How to Recycle Your Old Cassette Tapes

How to Recycle Your Old Cassette Tapes


Cassette tapes may seem obsolete in the age of streaming music, but many of us still have boxes of these old tapes sitting around collecting dust. Before you throw them out, consider repurposing or recycling them! Recycling cassettes keeps them out of landfills and gives the materials a second life. This guide will walk you through several options for recycling cassettes in an eco-friendly way.

Assess the Condition of Your Cassettes

The first step is to go through your collection and evaluate the condition of each cassette.

  • Working cassettes: These can potentially be reused, either by you or others. Set these aside for now.

  • Damaged cassettes: If the tape is snapped or tangled inside, or if the case is broken, it likely can’t be salvaged. Place these in a discard pile.

  • Moldy cassettes: Any tapes with mold or water damage should also be discarded to avoid spreading spores.

  • Blank/recorded cassettes: Both blank tapes and tapes with recordings may still be recyclable even if not reusable, so separate these from the damaged/moldy group.

Only keep cassettes that are still usable or free of major damage and mold. Inspect each one thoroughly before deciding if it should be repurposed, recycled, or discarded.

Repurpose Working Cassettes

Before recycling cassettes, consider if you or someone else could repurpose those that are still in good condition. Here are some ideas for reusing working tapes:

  • Sell or donate: Use sites like eBay or Craigslist to sell cassettes, or donate them to a thrift store. Someone else may enjoy your old mixes and recordings!

  • Transfer recordings: Convert recordings to digital files using a cassette deck or all-in-one device like the ION Audio Cassette Adapter. Then you can get rid of the tapes while preserving the music.

  • Re-record: With a blank cassette, you can record over it with new content. Get creative!

  • Reuse for crafts: Make bowls, boxes, magnets, and more out of cassette cases and tape reels. Check Pinterest for DIY cassette craft ideas.

Repurposing reduces waste and breathes new life into your cassettes. Be sure to erase any tapes containing personal information before passing them along to others.

How to Recycle Cassette Tapes

For any non-working cassettes that can’t be reused, there are a few options for recycling:

Recycle Components Separately

Cassettes contain a few different recyclable materials – the plastic cassette case, the magnetic tape reel, and the paper inserts. To maximize recycling:

  • Plastic cases: Remove tape remnants and recycle empty plastic cases with other plastics.

  • Magnetic tape: unwind magnetic tape and discard. Check if your local facility accepts VHS and audio tapes; if not, they may have to go in the trash.

  • Paper inserts: Recycle any paper liner notes, labels, and j-cards with mixed paper.

Separating the cassette components increases the recyclability of the plastic and paper. However, it takes more time and may not be accepted by all facilities. Contact your local recycling center to check if they allow separated cassette recycling.

Recycle Cassettes Whole

Some recycling centers accept whole cassettes in order to consolidate materials.

  • Call ahead to ask if your facility allows this.

  • Make sure cases are empty and tapes are wound to fit in the case.

  • Place cassettes in a paper bag labeled “cassettes” and put out on recycling day.

This method is quick and easy but may result in the tapes getting sorted into the trash. Check with your facility first before recycling full cassettes.

Mail-In Recycling Programs

Some companies like Greendisk accept cassettes by mail for recycling:

  • Visit their website and request a prepaid shipping label.

  • Mail your cassettes to be recycled for a fee based on weight.

  • The components get separated and recycled properly.

Mail-in programs ensure cassettes get recycled correctly but have an associated cost. Compare costs of different programs to find the most affordable option.

Creative Cassette Recycling Ideas

If you want to repurpose cassettes rather than recycling them conventionally, get creative! Here are a few art projects to inspire you:

  • Make cassette planters – use the case as a plant pot and decorate with tape reels.

  • Fashion cassette business card holders from cases and clear tape.

  • Create cassette magnets using glue and old recordings.

  • Decoupage cassette cases to make jewelry boxes, makeup brush holders, and more.

  • String up cassette garlands using the cases and tape reels.

With a little imagination, you can give new life to old cassettes destined for the recycling bin. Try searching online for DIY cassette craft tutorials.


Before throwing out your cassette tape collection, explore options for reusing, recycling, or repurposing them. By keeping cassettes out of landfills, we reduce waste and conserve resources. Assess the condition of your tapes, reuse any that still work, and recycle the rest through your local facility, a mail-in program, or an upcycling craft project. With some creativity, those dusty old tapes can become something fun and useful again!