How to Make Your Own Biodegradable Confetti From Last Year’s Christmas Cards

How to Make Your Own Biodegradable Confetti From Last Year’s Christmas Cards

How to Make Your Own Biodegradable Confetti From Last Year’s Christmas Cards

Making your own biodegradable confetti from last year’s Christmas cards is an easy, fun DIY project that reduces waste and saves money. Here’s how I make my own eco-friendly confetti at home.

Gather Supplies

  • Old Christmas cards
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch (optional)
  • Glitter, sequins, or other decorative items (optional)

I save my Christmas cards each year specifically for this purpose. The cards can be plain or decorated. Look for cards made from paper, cardstock, or other natural materials that will decompose. Avoid cards with plastic, foil, or other non-biodegradable elements.

Cut Into Shapes

Take each card and cut or punch out small shapes to turn into confetti. Here are some ideas:

  • Circles: Use a hole punch, craft punch, or circular cookie cutter
  • Squares: Cut cards into strips, then small squares
  • Hearts, stars, snowflakes: Use seasonal paper punches or cut freehand
  • Tiny shreds: Shred the cards with scissors for fine confetti

The smaller the pieces, the better your confetti will flutter and float.

Add Glitter or Color (Optional)

For extra sparkle and flair, you can decorate plain confetti pieces:

  • Brush glitter glue onto one side of cut shapes
  • Lightly spray with glitter spray paint
  • Coat withMod Podge and dip into glitter or sequins
  • Stamp shapes using ink pads or paint

Use glitter and embellishments sparingly since they may contain non-biodegradable elements.

How to Use Your Eco-Confetti

Your handmade confetti is now ready to use as a festive, sustainable decoration. Here are some ways to enjoy it:

  • Toss it during celebrations, parties, or weddings
  • Fill confetti poppers
  • Sprinkle it in gift bags or boxes
  • Decorate handmade cards and envelopes
  • Scatter it over tables as a centerpiece

Since the confetti is biodegradable, you can also compost any leftover pieces.

Troubleshooting Tips

Q: My confetti pieces are too big and don’t flutter well. What should I do?

A: Go smaller. For best results, cut or punch the cardstock into very tiny pieces, no more than 1/4 inch in size. Smaller confetti will float gently through the air.

Q: The cards are too thin and fall apart when I cut them. How can I fix this?

A: Stack multiple layers of cards and cut through them together. This will make sturdier confetti. You can also try gluing cards onto cardstock before cutting for more stability.

Q: Some of my cards have plastic or foil elements. Can I still use them?

A: Avoid cutting up cards with non-paper components like plastic, foil, or glitter. The confetti should be 100% paper/cardstock so it will properly biodegrade.

With a little creativity and recycled holiday cards, you can make mounds of magical biodegradable confetti! This is a simple, eco-friendly DIY craft that spreads joy while reducing waste.