How to Make a Tin Can Altoid Tin Guitar

How to Make a Tin Can Altoid Tin Guitar

How to Make a Tin Can Altoid Tin Guitar

Making a guitar out of an Altoid tin is a fun DIY project that results in a unique miniature instrument. With just a few simple supplies, you can create your own playable tin can guitar at home.

What You Will Need

  • Altoid tin – This will serve as the body of your guitar. Make sure it’s clean and empty.
  • Rubber bands – You’ll need several sizes, from small to large. These will act as the strings.
  • Eye screws or small screws – These will serve as the tuners to tighten and tune the rubber band strings.
  • Ruler – To measure and mark where to place the eye screws.
  • Screwdriver – To install the eye screws into the Altoid tin.
  • Decorative tape or paint (optional) – To decorate and personalize the look of your guitar.

How to Make the Tin Can Guitar

1. Install the Tuning Keys

  • Using a ruler, measure and mark spots to install 4-6 eye screws evenly spaced along the top rim of the Altoid tin.
  • Using a screwdriver, carefully screw the eye screws into the rim of the tin. These will act as your tuning keys.

2. Create the Bridge

  • On the opposite end of the tin from the tuning keys, glue or tape a popsicle stick, ruler, or other straight object across the rim of the tin. This will create the bridge for your strings.

3. Install the Strings

  • Cut various lengths of different sized rubber bands. Larger rubber bands will produce lower tones.
  • Tie one end of each rubber band to an eye screw.
  • Stretch each rubber band over the bridge and attach the other end to another eye screw, spacing them evenly apart.

4. Tune the Strings

  • Pluck each rubber band and listen to the tone.
  • Turn the eye screws to tighten or loosen each rubber band until you achieve the desired tone.
  • Tune them relative to each other, like the strings on a real guitar.

5. Decorate (Optional)

  • Paint or tape the Altoid tin to decorate it and make your guitar unique.

6. Rock Out!

  • Once tuned and decorated, your Altoid tin guitar is ready to play! Strum the rubber band strings to start making music.

With this simple tin can guitar, you can have fun making music anywhere with a portable homemade instrument. Let your creativity shine by designing your own cool versions. The possibilities are endless!