How to Make a Pencil Holder Out of Used Toilet Paper Rolls

How to Make a Pencil Holder Out of Used Toilet Paper Rolls

How to Make a Pencil Holder Out of Used Toilet Paper Rolls


I used to think that toilet paper rolls were just trash after using up all the toilet paper. However, they can actually be repurposed into a fun craft project – a homemade pencil holder! This easy DIY pencil holder is the perfect way to reuse toilet paper rolls and keep your desk organized. Making one is simple and only requires a few basic craft supplies.

In this article, I will provide a step-by-step guide on how I made a cute pencil holder out of recycled toilet paper rolls. I will cover the materials needed, the tools required, and the simple process of assembling and decorating the pencil holder. Whether you want to make one for yourself or involve kids in an eco-friendly craft, this project can be customized in many ways.

Materials Needed

To make a toilet paper roll pencil holder, you will need:

  • Toilet paper rolls – Save up empty cardboard tubes. About 6-8 should be enough for a standard sized holder.

  • Scissors – For cutting the rolls to size. Craft scissors with patterns can make interesting cuts.

  • Glue – White craft glue, hot glue gun, or tape to assemble the rolls.

  • Paint & paintbrushes – Acrylic craft paint in colors of your choice to decorate the holder.

  • Embellishments (optional) – Things like glitter, pom poms, stickers, ribbon, lace, etc to personalize the holder.

I gathered these basic supplies from around the house and didn’t have to buy anything new. Simple materials make this craft budget-friendly.

Tools Needed

You will also need the following tools:

  • Ruler – To measure and cut the toilet paper rolls to uniform size.

  • Pencil – For tracing lines on the rolls to cut shapes.

  • Paint palette – For squeezing out paint before applying with a brush.

  • Sandpaper (optional) – To smooth over rough edges on the rolls after cutting.

  • Hot glue gun (optional) – For attaching embellishments like pom poms neatly to the holder.

I already had these tools available as well. If you don’t have a specific tool, improvise with something similar from around the house.

Assembling the Pencil Holder

To assemble the toilet paper roll pencil holder:

  1. Gather 6-8 empty toilet paper rolls. I collected mine over a couple of weeks.

  2. Use the ruler and pencil to mark a line 2 inches up from one end of each roll.

  3. Cut along the lines using the scissors to shorten each roll to 2 inches.

  4. Arrange the shorter rolls in a bundle, stacking them evenly.

  5. Apply glue along the sides and press rolls together firmly. I used hot glue for the best hold.

  6. Allow the glue to fully dry before moving on to decorating.

The stacked and glued toilet paper rolls will form the base structure of the pencil holder. I made sure to apply glue thoroughly for stability.

Decorating the Pencil Holder

Now the fun part – decorating! Follow these simple steps:

  • Paint the outside of the stacked rolls with acrylic craft paint. I did 2 coats in a chevron print.

  • Let the paint fully dry before adding any embellishments.

  • Glue on any decorative elements you desire with white craft glue or hot glue. I added sparkly pom poms and lace trim.

  • Apply super glue to the bottom and attach felt pads to keep the holder from sliding.

  • Fill the holder with pencils, pens, paint brushes or other supplies!

Get creative with colors, patterns, textures when decorating. personalize it with your unique style. The possibilities are endless.

Tips for Making a TP Roll Pencil Holder

Here are some helpful tips to make the process easier:

  • Use child safety scissors for easy cutting if involving kids in the project.

  • Apply a primer paint coat first for a smoother acrylic paint finish.

  • Decorate the inside of the holder too for a pop of color when grabbing supplies.

  • Arrange the shortened rolls in different patterns like a honeycomb.

  • Recycle paper towel rolls or wrapping paper tubes too for more variety.

  • Seal with decoupage or varnish if you want a glossy finish.

  • Group multiples together for organizer trays to corral small supplies.

With some simple household materials and basic techniques, I was able to make a custom pencil holder out of toilet paper rolls in just a few hours. This easy craft project is the perfect way to reduce waste while getting creative!