How to Make a Lawn Chair Out of an Old Tire

How to Make a Lawn Chair Out of an Old Tire

Making furniture out of old tires is a fun DIY project that allows you to recycle and repurpose materials destined for the landfill. With minimal tools and supplies, I transformed an old tire into a comfortable lawn chair perfect for relaxing outdoors.

Gathering Materials and Tools

The main component needed for this DIY lawn chair is an old tire. I recommend using a car tire rather than a large truck tire, as it will be lighter and easier to work with. Before getting started, I gathered the following materials and tools:

  • Old car tire – This will form the base of the chair. Make sure there are no major holes or damage.
  • Wood boardsI used 3/4-inch plywood boards to make the seat and backrest. Thinner boards can also work.
  • Power drill – To drill holes in the wood and tire. A cordless drill makes the job easier.
  • Jigsaw – For cutting curves and shapes in the wood boards. A hand saw can also work.
  • Sandpaper – To smooth cut edges on the wood.
  • Paint and paintbrushes – Optional, for adding color to the chair. Spray paint works best.
  • Foam – Cushioning foam for the seat. Upholstery foam or gym mats provide comfort.
  • Seat fabric – For covering the foam seat. Outdoor fabric is durable.
  • Screws and washers
  • Nuts and bolts

Cutting and Shaping the Wood Boards

The first step is to cut and shape the plywood boards that will form the seat and backrest. I started by measuring the diameter of the tire and cutting a board to size. For the seat, I cut a rounded rectangle shape using a jigsaw. I sanded the edges smooth.

For the backrest, I cut a wide board into a curved shape. The curves allow the backrest to contour around the tire. I cut gently rounded corners and smoothed all cut edges with sandpaper.

Attaching Boards to the Tire

Next, I positioned the wood boards on the tire to determine placement. Using a power drill, I drilled evenly spaced holes through both the tire and the wood.

I attached the seat board to the tire using bolts, washers and nuts. I placed washers on both sides and tightened the nuts securely. I attached the backrest board in the same way, lining up the holes. I made sure the boards were centered and aligned.

Adding Cushions and Fabric

To make the chair more comfortable, I cut a piece of upholstery foam the size of the wooden seat. I secured it to the seat board using adhesive spray. I also glued strips of foam to the backrest for cushioning.

For the fabric, I measured and cut a piece of durable outdoor fabric a few inches larger than the seat. I used staples to attach it tightly around the seat board, folding the edges under to hide staples.

Finishing Touches

As a final step, I spray painted the tire and boards for color. I chose a bright green spray paint to match outdoor furniture cushions. Multiple coats ensured full coverage.

Once dry, my upcycled lawn chair was ready for the backyard! The curved backrest and rounded seat provide comfort, and the foam cushions add support. The durable outdoor fabric on the seat also provides UV protection.

Placing the finished chair under a tree, I found it was perfect for relaxing outside on nice days. The tire provides a stable, sturdy base that supports weight evenly. Next time an old tire needs disposal, I will definitely repurpose it into unique outdoor seating again!