How to Make a Hat Out of Toilet Paper Rolls

How to Make a Hat Out of Toilet Paper Rolls

How to Make a Hat Out of Toilet Paper Rolls

As someone who loves arts and crafts, I was excited to try making a hat out of toilet paper rolls. This fun DIY project is easy to do, uses common household materials, and lets your creative side shine. With just a few simple steps, you can fashion a one-of-a-kind hat to show off your skills and style.

Gather Your Materials

To make a toilet paper roll hat, you will need:

  • Toilet paper rolls – The number needed depends on how big you want your hat. For an adult-sized hat, you’ll probably need 6-10 rolls. Try saving rolls over the course of a week or two.

  • Scissors – For cutting the rolls and other materials to size. Craft scissors with fun edges can add some flair.

  • Glue – White school glue or a hot glue gun work well. Hot glue guns should be used cautiously by adults.

  • Paint and decorations – Acrylic craft paint, markers, glitter, pom poms, feathers, stickers, etc. Get creative with different colors, patterns, and textures!

  • String or elastic – To secure the hat so it stays on your head. Elastic cord or ribbon about 16 inches long is a good size.

  • Pencil and paper – For sketching out your hat design first.

Design Your Hat

Before jumping in, take a moment to plan out your toilet paper roll hat design. Grab that pencil and paper to sketch the basic shape and jot down any decoration ideas.

Consider the following:

  • What style of hat do you want to make – a fedora, sun hat, cowboy hat, or something totally unique?

  • How will you arrange and connect the rolls? Stacking, alternating directions, and layering work well.

  • What colors, textures, and embellishments fit your vision? Get inspired by your favorite clothes, interests, and personal style.

Planning ahead helps the hat come together just how you picture it.

Construct the Hat Shape

Once you have a design in mind, it’s time to construct the basic hat structure from the toilet paper rolls. Here are some tips:

  • Start with the hat band that goes around your head. Arrange rolls end-to-end and glue together into a ring that fits your head. For stability, use at least 4 rolls.

  • Next, build up layers of rolls going upward for a cowboy hat shape or outward for a helmet or fedora shape.

  • Alternate the direction of the open ends of the rolls facing up vs. down. This helps stagger seams for a smoother look.

  • Glue each roll securely before adding another layer. Hot glue dries the quickest if you are in a hurry.

  • Let the form fully dry between each layer to prevent sagging. This could take 15-30 minutes depending on glue type.

  • Once the shape is built, trim any excess length of the bottom rolls with scissors if needed.

Be patient and allow time for drying to get the structure right. The last thing you want is a droopy toilet paper roll hat!

Add Color, Texture, and Accessorize

Here comes the really fun part – making your toilet paper roll hat unique with color, texture, and accessories. Try out these creative decoration techniques:

  • Paint the rolls with acrylic craft paint before gluing together for a colorful design. Dip dye by swirling rolls in paint for a marbled look.

  • Glue on pom poms, feathers, or other 3D embellishments using hot glue. Cluster them together for drama.

  • Use glitter glue or sprinkle loose glitter over painted rolls for sparkle. Work over a surface that’s easy to clean up.

  • Add patterns with fabric strips, washi tape, stickers or drawn on designs. stripes, polka dots, and flowers work well.

  • Weave ribbons in and out of the rolls in one area to create texture and interest.

The options are endless! Decorating is also a great opportunity to personalize the hat to your style.

Finish It Off

To complete your toilet paper roll hat, you just need to attach a strap to keep it on your head. Here are two easy options:

  • For an elastic cord, cut a piece about 16 inches long. Use hot glue to attach each end inside the hat band on opposite sides.

  • For a ribbon tie, cut two pieces 12-16 inches long. Knot or glue each piece to opposite sides of the inside of the hat band.

Finally, try on your hat and take a look in the mirror! Make any final tweaks to get the perfect fit and design. Now you have a wearable work of art made from simple toilet paper rolls. Time to show off your handiwork!

With a few basic craft supplies and some creativity, you can upcycle toilet paper tubes into a stunning topper. Making a hat out of toilet paper rolls is an enjoyable, budget-friendly craft that lets you channel your inner artist. Whether you go classic or funky, your unique TP roll hat is sure to make a statement.