How to Make a Hat Out of Toilet Paper Rolls

How to Make a Hat Out of Toilet Paper Rolls

How to Make a Hat Out of Toilet Paper Rolls


Making a hat out of toilet paper rolls is a fun and easy craft project. With just a few household items, I can reuse empty toilet paper rolls and turn them into a one-of-a-kind hat. This craft is great for using up recycled materials and keeping kids entertained on a rainy day. In this article, I will provide step-by-step instructions on how to make a toilet paper roll hat.

Gather Materials

To make a toilet paper roll hat, I will need to gather a few simple craft supplies:

  • Toilet paper rolls – The main component of the hat. Save up empty cardboard tubes. I will need 5-10 rolls for an adult sized hat. For a kids’ hat, 3-5 rolls should be enough.

  • Tape – Masking tape or duct tape to attach the rolls together. Packing tape works best.

  • Scissors – For cutting the toilet paper rolls to size.

  • Stapler – To reinforce the structure. A stapler is optional but helpful.

  • Hole punch – To make holes for string. A hole punch makes it easy but a pencil or screwdriver can also be used.

  • String – For tying together the rolls and making a chin strap. Twine or ribbon will work.

  • Decorations (optional) – Things like paint, markers, feathers, pom poms, fabric scraps to decorate the hat. Get creative!

Make the Dome

To form the main dome of the hat, I will need to connect rolls together into a curved shape. Here are the steps:

  • Take 5-10 toilet paper rolls and cut them in half to make segments. For an adult sized hat, make longer segments. For a kids’ hat, shorter segments work better.

  • Arrange the segments in a dome shape with one long segment in the middle and increasingly shorter segments radiating out on each side.

  • Overlap the ends and tape them together so they hold their curved dome shape. The packing tape adheres the cardboard well.

  • Once the dome is taped up, flip it over so the smooth sides are facing out and the corrugated cardboard sides are overlapping on the interior.

Attach the Chin Strap

To make the hat wearable, I will need to add a chin strap:

  • On opposite sides of the dome, about 3-4 inches up from the bottom, use a hole punch to make two holes. These will attach the chin strap.

  • Cut a long piece of string, ribbon or twine, at least 24 inches long.

  • Thread the string through the holes and tie it securely.

  • Try the hat on and adjust the string length so it fits comfortably under your chin.

  • For extra reinforcement, staple the string to the cardboard on each side.

Add Decorations (Optional)

To make the toilet paper roll hat more stylish, decorations can be added. Here are some ideas:

  • Paint the rolls different colors before assembling the hat. Spray paint works well for an even coat.

  • Use markers or colored pencils to draw designs on each roll. Stripes, polka dots, and patterns look fun.

  • Glue on pom poms, feathers, or fabric scraps with a hot glue gun. Let kids decorate themselves!

  • Wrap ribbon around the hat and tie in a bow. Lace also looks cute.

  • Recycle buttons, plastic beads, or sequins and glue them on. Anything colorful will work.

  • Cut out shapes from paper, felt, or foam and decorate the hat. Hearts, stars, and flowers look sweet.

Use your creativity to make your toilet paper roll hat truly one-of-a-kind!

Enjoy Wearing Your Hat

Once your toilet paper roll hat is complete, the fun has just begun! Here are ways to enjoy this wearable craft:

  • Wear it around the house for fun dress up. Strike a pose!

  • Use it as part of a Halloween costume or for a play. It pairs well with a homemade queen or king costume.

  • Bring it to a kids’ tea party for fancy attire. Design hats for all the guests.

  • Put on a talent show and create magic acts or dances while wearing your creation.

  • Make matching hats as fun party favors to give away. Surprise guests with handmade gifts.

  • Take silly photos posing with the hat. Capture special memories and model your masterpiece!

With a simple toilet paper roll hat, the options for fun and creativity are endless! Follow these steps and soon you’ll be making wearable art out of recycled materials.