How to Make a Goldfish Bowl Lamp from an Old Colander

How to Make a Goldfish Bowl Lamp from an Old Colander

How to Make a Goldfish Bowl Lamp from an Old Colander

Making a goldfish bowl lamp out of an old colander is a fun and easy craft project that gives new life to unused kitchen items. With a few simple materials, I transformed a vintage colander into a charming lamp perfect for any room. Here’s how I did it.

Gather Your Materials

  • Old metal or plastic colander (I used a 9 inch diameter one)
  • Spray paint in your choice of color (I picked metallic gold)
  • Lamp kit with socket, cord, and lightbulb
  • Glass bowl or vase that fits inside the colander
  • Decorative rocks, marbles, or glass beads

Prepare the Colander

The first step is to prepare the colander for painting. Make sure it is free of any dirt or debris. If it is plastic, lightly sand it to help the spray paint adhere better.

Once clean, take the colander outside and apply 2-3 even coats of spray paint, allowing each coat to fully dry in between. I spray painted my colander a beautiful metallic gold color. The spray paint will give the colander a fresh new look!

Add the Lamp Hardware

After the paint dries, it’s time to install the lamp hardware. Follow the directions included with your lamp kit. Most kits include a lamp socket, cord, on/off switch, and mounting parts.

I drilled a hole near the bottom of my colander for the cord to fit through. Then I assembled and mounted the socket inside the top of the colander. Be sure not to mount the socket over any of the holes, so the light can shine through properly.

Leave enough cord coming through the hole so you can plug it in once the lamp is assembled.

Create the “Fish Bowl” Dome

To make the fish bowl dome, find a glass bowl, vase, or bubble glass that fits nicely inside the colander. The dome creates the fish bowl shape when placed upside down in the colander. I used a clear glass cylinder vase.

Use decorative fillers like river rocks, marbles, or beads to cover the base of the vase. This hides the hardware when viewing the lamp. Pour in enough rocks, glass beads, or marbles to cover the entire base.

Put It All Together

Now you’re ready to assemble your colander goldfish lamp! Carefully place the glass dome upside down into the colander. Wrap any excess cord neatly around the colander’s base, then plug it in!

When lit, the lamp shines through the holes, creating a whimsical fish bowl lighting effect. The metallic gold paint gives it an elegant nautical look that pairs well with beachy or vintage decor.

To complete the look, I added some more marbles and seashells around the base. Feel free to get creative with additional decorations – sand dollars, faux coral, or sea glass would all make lovely accents.

Display Your Unique Creation

That’s all it takes to transform old kitchen colanders into stunning goldfish bowl lamps! They make wonderful gifts and add a creative touch to living rooms, bedrooms, and dining spaces.

Experiment with different colors and materials for more design options. Frosted glass domes diffuse the light beautifully. Try painting the colander a mermaid or ocean theme. Colanders with larger holes create even cooler lighting effects.

I hope these steps inspire you to rummage through your kitchenware for colanders to upcycle. Give your recycled goldfish lamp a place of honor where its underwater lighting and charm can shine!