How to Make a DIY Toilet Paper Roll Cat Scratcher

How to Make a DIY Toilet Paper Roll Cat Scratcher

How to Make a DIY Toilet Paper Roll Cat Scratcher

Making a cat scratcher out of toilet paper rolls is an easy, fun DIY project that can help save your furniture from kitty’s claws. Here’s how to make one step-by-step.

Gather Your Materials

You’ll need:

  • Toilet paper rolls – the more the better! Try to collect at least 20.
  • Cardboard box – find one about the size of a small moving box. This will be the base.
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks.
  • Sisal rope – you’ll need about 10 yards. Jute twine also works.
  • Scissors

Optional decor materials:

  • Acrylic craft paint
  • Googly eyes
  • Pom poms
  • Feathers
  • Ribbon

Make the Base

Take the cardboard box and carefully cut away any folding flaps, tape, or staples so you have a flat piece of cardboard. This will be the base for your scratcher.

Use the hot glue gun to attach rows of toilet paper rolls to the cardboard base, arranging them like bricks in a wall. Glue them tightly together.

Tip: Apply hot glue to both the base and the rolls for a super strong bond.

Keep adding rows until you’ve used up all your toilet paper rolls.

Add the Rope

Now take your sisal rope and start wrapping it tightly around the rows of toilet paper rolls. Make sure to wrap vertically, horizontally, and diagonally to give your cat different textures to scratch.

Apply hot glue as you wrap to hold the rope in place. Make sure to wrap tightly so there are no exposed cardboard rolls.

Once the base is fully wrapped in rope, use scissors to trim off any excess.

Decorate (Optional)

If desired, use craft paint and googly eyes, pom poms, feathers, or other fun materials to decorate your DIY cat scratcher! Get creative with patterns and textures.

Make sure any decorations are firmly glued or attached so they don’t fall off.

Place the Scratcher

Put your finished toilet paper roll cat scratcher in a spot your cat frequents. Place it near furniture or areas your cat tries to scratch.

You can also rub some catnip on the scratcher to initially attract your cat to it. Reward with treats when your cat uses its new scratcher!

With this easy DIY cat scratcher, you can save your furniture and give your cat a place to scratch to its heart’s content. Customize with fun decorations for a unique handmade gift idea for fellow cat lovers too.