How to Make a DIY Cat Litter Box From Cardboard

How to Make a DIY Cat Litter Box From Cardboard

How to Make a DIY Cat Litter Box From Cardboard

Making your own cat litter box from cardboard is an easy, affordable way to provide your feline friend with a place to take care of their bathroom needs. With just a few simple materials and tools, you can create a functional and eco-friendly litter box that fits your cat’s needs and your home décor.

Gathering Materials

To make a cardboard cat litter box, you will need:

  • Cardboard box – Find a cardboard box big enough for your cat to comfortably fit inside and turn around. Opt for a box with higher sides to contain litter scatter.

  • Utility knife – Use a sharp utility or craft knife to cut out an entrance hole and trim the box to size.

  • Sandpaper – Lightly sand any rough edges to prevent scratches.

  • Cat litter – Choose a clumping, natural, or other cat litter variety.

  • Decorative supplies (optional) – Customize with paint, contact paper, or other decorative supplies.

Cutting the Cardboard Box

Start with an appropriately sized cardboard box. A medium-large box 12-18 inches on each side usually works well. Be sure to choose unused, clean cardboard.

Use the utility knife to carefully cut out a large entrance hole on one side of the box. The hole should be big enough for your cat to comfortably enter and exit. Cut out any flaps or handles on the box that may get in the way.

You can leave the box square or trim it into a rectangular shape. Cut down any excessively tall sides but leave enough height to hold a few inches of litter. Sand any rough edges smooth.

Adding Litter

Before putting litter in your cardboard litter box, consider optionally lining it with a plastic bag or trash bag. This will help contain any leaks.

Pour your chosen cat litter into the box, filling it 2-3 inches deep. Clay and clumping litters work best to absorb odors and liquids.

Let your cat test out the litter box before securing the bag lining (if using). Make sure they have enough room to dig, turn around, and cover their waste.

Customizing the Litter Box

Now you can customize your cardboard cat litter box to fit your home! Here are some ideas:

  • Paint or cover the box with decorative paper or contact paper
  • Cut out paw prints or other shapes out of cardboard to glue on the sides
  • Attach a small rim or lip around the entrance hole
  • Use spray adhesive and shredded paper to give the box texture
  • Cut out notches in the sides to hold a scoop or litter deodorizer
  • Write your cat’s name on the box with permanent marker

The possibilities are endless for personalizing your cardboard litter box creation. Just be sure to use pet safe materials. Add litter as needed and periodically replace the box once worn out.

Benefits of a Cardboard Litter Box

Cardboard cat litter boxes offer many benefits:

  • Affordable – Made from free recycled boxes and basic tools
  • Customizable – Paint, decorate, and modify to suit your home
  • Disposable – Can be composted or recycled when worn out
  • Eco-Friendly – Much more sustainable than plastic litter boxes
  • Easy Cleaning – Smooth cardboard is simple to wipe down

With a simple upcycled cardboard box, you can make a functional, budget-friendly litter box for your cat that is also kind to the environment. Put your creativity to work personalizing it, and save money over store-bought options.