How to Make a Cardboard Desk Organizer

How to Make a Cardboard Desk Organizer

How to Make a Cardboard Desk Organizer

Making a cardboard desk organizer is an easy and affordable way to create customized storage and declutter your workspace. With just some basic supplies and tools, you can build an organizer suited to your needs.

Gather Your Materials

To make your cardboard organizer, you will need:

  • Cardboard – Corrugated cardboard works best as it is sturdy. You can use an old cardboard box or purchase a cardboard sheet.
  • Utility knife or scissors – To cut the cardboard to size.
  • Ruler – To measure and mark cutting lines.
  • Pencil – To mark cuts.
  • Glue – White glue, hot glue, or double-sided tape to assemble.
  • Paint and paintbrush (optional) – To decorate. Acrylic craft paint works well.

Stencils, stamps, or stickers – To customize the organizer.
Laminate or contact paper – To cover the cardboard and make it more durable.

Design Your Organizer

Before building, think about how you will use the organizer and design it accordingly. Consider:

  • What will you store? Papers, supplies, tech accessories?
  • What dimensions and compartments would be ideal? Measure your desk space.
  • What shape should it be -rectangle, L-shape, tiered? Sketch ideas.
  • Do you want an open or closed design?
  • How can you make it sturdy? Use broad base and cross pieces.
  • What decorative elements do you want to add – color, patterns, labels?

Make rough measurements of the length, width, and height. Adjust the dimensions as needed once you begin building.

Cut Cardboard Pieces

Based on your design, measure and mark cardboard pieces to size. Use a ruler and pencil to draw straight cutting lines.

Using scissors or a utility knife, cut along the marked lines. Cut slowly and carefully – corrugated cardboard can snag or bend when cutting.

Tip: Score cardboard with knife before cutting for cleaner edges.

Cut connecting pieces and compartments according to your design. For extra support, cut connecting pieces 1-2 inches wide.

Assemble with Glue

Once pieces are cut, dry fit them together without glue first. Make any adjustments to ensure a tight fit.

Then, apply glue to join pieces. For hot glue, use the high temp setting and allow to fully dry and set. For white glue, clamp pieces with spring clamps while drying.

Some tips for assembly:
Glue vertical dividers to the bottom first, checking they are straight.
– Glue back and side panels next to form a box shape.
– Finally, glue the top panel and any additional shelves or dividers.

Add Decorative Touches

To finish your organizer, add decorative elements as desired.

  • Paint the cardboard with acrylic craft paint using bold colors or patterns. Let dry fully.
  • Apply stencils, stamps, or stickers using acrylic paint orpermanent markers.
  • Cover surfaces with contact paper or laminate for durability and visual appeal.
  • Attach labels on compartments to organize supplies.

Then fill your organizer! Add office supplies, electronics, cosmetics, or craft materials to keep your desk tidy.


  • For photos and keepsakes, make a tiered display organizer.
  • To organize jewelry or small items, add small compartments.
  • Get creative with shape – make round, angled, or asymmetrical organizers.

With some simple cardboard and creativity, you can build the perfect desk organizer to suit your style and storage needs! The possibilities are endless.