How to Make a Cardboard Cat Castle

How to Make a Cardboard Cat Castle

How to Make a Cardboard Cat Castle

As a cat owner, I’m always looking for fun new ways to enrich my furry friend’s environment. Cat castles made out of cardboard are a great DIY project that can provide hours of entertainment and exercise for your cat. Here’s my guide on how to make a cardboard cat castle from start to finish.

Selecting the Right Cardboard

The first step is choosing the right cardboard for building your cat castle. Here are some tips:

  • Use large, sturdy boxes – Appliance boxes, furniture boxes, and shipping boxes work well. The bigger, the better for making a spacious castle!

  • Avoid thin cardboard – Cereal boxes and packaging boxes tend to be too flimsy. Opt for thicker, corrugated cardboard for durability.

  • Get different sizes – Gather boxes of varying sizes and shapes to create turrets, tunnels, and stairs.

  • Cut cardboard into pieces – Having smaller cardboard pieces gives you more flexibility in assembly. Make sure to cut evenly so pieces fit together nicely.

Design and Layout

Before starting construction, think about the layout of your cardboard cat castle. Here are some design tips:

  • Make multiple levels – This adds vertical space for your cat to climb and perch up high. Stack boxes of decreasing sizes.

  • Incorporate tunnels – Cut holes in boxes or between stacked boxes to create tunnels. Cats love hideaways!

  • Add ledges and outcroppings – Use pieces of cardboard as ledges, platforms, and overhangs to create complexity.

  • Think sturdy – Ensure the castle can support your cat’s weight by bracing lower levels and reinforcing high areas.

  • Consider room layout – Make sure the castle dimensions and layout will work in the space. Measure first!

Assembly and Construction

Now it’s time to start building your cardboard masterpiece! Follow these tips for assembly:

  • Use tape for connecting – Avoid glue. Masking tape or packing tape works best to securely connect cardboard pieces.

  • Cut slits for slotting boxes – This allows you to “weave” boxes together and create layers. Much stronger than just stacking.

  • Reinforce the inside – Use tape, additional cardboard pieces, and brackets cut from boxes to reinforce the interior and prevent collapse.

  • Hide sharp edges – File down any rough or sharp cardboard edges to protect your cat’s paws.

  • Add finishing touches – Consider painting, adding carpet scraps, or decorating the outside to give your castle personality!

Activities and Enrichment

Once built, add some activities to complete your cat’s new cardboard kingdom:

  • Add toys inside – Hide balls, small stuffed animals, and treats inside the tunnels and compartments.

  • Make scratching posts – Secure pieces of sisal rope to the outside for scratching.

  • Put catnip spray – Lightly spray or rub catnip on cardboard surfaces to attract your cat’s interest.

  • Make crinkle tunnels – Line tunnel interiors with crinkly material like packing paper or mylar.

Your cat will be endlessly amused with their new cardboard castle and kingdom! With a little planning and effort, you can create a DIY cardboard play structure that will provide hours of entertainment and physical activity for your beloved feline. Get creative and have fun building!