How to Make a Broken Crayon Mosaic

How to Make a Broken Crayon Mosaic

How to Make a Broken Crayon Mosaic


Making a mosaic out of broken crayons is a fun and creative way to reuse old crayons that are too small to color with. The end result is a beautiful piece of art made from materials you might otherwise throw away.

In this article, I will walk you through the full process of making a broken crayon mosaic, from gathering your materials to melting and pouring the crayons to creating your final mosaic design. This easy DIY project can be completed in an afternoon and makes a great craft for kids or adults. So let’s get started!

Gather Your Materials

The first step is to gather all the materials you will need:

  • Broken crayons – You’ll want to collect a variety of different colors. The more variety, the better your final mosaic will look. Break leftover crayons into smaller pieces.

  • A baking pan or aluminum tin – This will be your mold for pouring the melted crayons into. You’ll want something that is at least 1 inch deep. An aluminum bread loaf pan works perfectly.

  • Parchment paper – Line your baking pan with parchment to easily remove the poured crayon.

  • A double boiler or makeshift double boiler made from a pot and glass bowl. This is what you’ll use to melt the crayons.

  • An oven mitt – To safely handle the hot trays and crayons

Optional items:

  • Silicon candy molds – For shaping poured crayons into fun designs

  • Tile grout – To fill in cracks between crayon pieces

Prepare Your Crayons

Once you’ve gathered your materials, you’ll want to prepare the broken crayon pieces:

  • Sort crayons by color – Group similar color crayons together so your mosaic will have coordinated sections of color.

  • Break into smaller pieces if needed – The crayons should be approximately pea sized or smaller. The smaller the pieces, the more detailed your mosaic can be.

  • Peel any paper wrappers off the crayon pieces. The paper will burn when melted.

Now you’re ready to melt the crayons!

Melt the Crayons

Melting the crayons is the most important step for creating a cohesive mosaic. Here’s how to melt them properly:

  • Fill a pot halfway with water and bring it to a gentle simmer on the stove.

  • Place a glass bowl on top of the pot to create a double boiler.

  • Add broken crayon pieces to the bowl in small batches. Stir frequently as they melt.

  • Once melted, pour the liquid crayons into your prepared pan lined with parchment paper.

  • Continue melting crayons in small batches, layering colors in your mold.

  • Cool completely before removing the solid crayon slab.

Key tips:

  • Melt crayons on low heat to avoid scorching.

  • Don’t overfill the bowl or crayon wax may spill over.

  • Mix colors for a swirl effect or keep separate for blocks of color.

Create the Mosaic Design

Now for the fun part – turning your melted crayons into a mosaic!

  • Once cooled, pop the slab out of the mold and peel off the parchment paper.

  • On a cutting board, use a sharp knife to cut the crayon slab into pieces approximately 1 inch or smaller.

  • Arrange and glue the crayon pieces into your desired mosaic design on a canvas, wood plaque, or other surface.

  • Fill any gaps between pieces with grout for a polished look.

Get creative with your mosaic patterns and shapes! Some ideas:

  • Geometric designs
  • Flower shapes
  • Heart or star patterns
  • Ombre color effects
  • Animal designs like butterflies or fish

Display Your Mosaic

Once your mosaic design is complete, you can display it proudly!

  • Add a wire hanger to the back to hang on a wall.

  • Set on a counter, bookshelf, or mantel as décor.

  • Give as a handmade gift for any occasion. These make beautiful homemade presents!

  • For kids’ rooms, mount low on the wall at their eye level.

  • Outdoors, attach to garden stakes or fence posts to add a pop of color.

Your one-of-a-kind crayon mosaic is sure to make a lovely addition to any space while repurposing old art supplies creatively. Have fun crafting!