How to Knit a Toilet Paper Cozy

How to Knit a Toilet Paper Cozy

Knitting a toilet paper cozy is a fun and easy knitting project that can add a decorative touch to your bathroom. A toilet paper cozy slips over the top of a toilet paper roll and covers the cardboard tube. It’s a great way to dress up an everyday household item.

Selecting Yarn for Your Toilet Paper Cozy

The first step is to select the right yarn for your toilet paper cozy project. Here are some tips:

  • Weight: Choose a lightweight, worsted weight or DK weight yarn. Heavier yarns will create a bulky cozy that doesn’t fit well over a toilet paper roll. Lighter weight yarns like sock or fingering weight would work but aren’t necessary for this project.

  • Fiber: Cotton, acrylic, or cotton/acrylic blends are good options. They have a nice drape and aren’t too slippery. Wool yarns can work but may felt if they get wet.

  • Color: Pick any color that fits your bathroom’s decor. Solid colors or variegated yarns both work well.

I recommend using about 50 yards of worsted weight cotton or acrylic yarn. This will make a cozy that fits nicely over a standard toilet paper roll.

Knitting the Toilet Paper Cozy

The toilet paper cozy is knit flat in one piece as a rectangle. Then it is seamed up the side and gathered along one short edge.

Knitting the Main Piece

  1. Cast on: Cast on 25-30 stitches, depending on how wide you want the cozy to be. Wider cozies will bunch more when gathered.

  2. Knit: Knit every row until the piece measures about 10-12 inches long, leaving a long tail for seaming.

  3. Bind off: Bind off all stitches.

Seaming the Cozy

  1. Fold the knitted piece in half lengthwise with the right sides facing.

  2. Use the long tail and a tapestry needle to whipstitch the side edge together.

  3. Weave in the end.

Adding the Gathered Edge

  1. Thread a yarn needle and weave it through the cast on row along one short end.

  2. *Pull the yarn to gently gather the edge. Make sure gathers are evenly spaced.

  3. Tie a knot and weave the end to the inside to secure.

The gather will create an elastic edge that fits snugly around the toilet paper roll.

And that’s it! Simply slip your handknit toilet paper cozy onto a full toilet paper roll for a quick bathroom upgrade.

Customizing Your Toilet Paper Cozy

One of the great things about this project is you can customize your cozy to match your style. Here are some ideas:

  • Add texture: Use knit and purl stitches to create ribs, bobbles, or seed stitch textures. Just remember to knit every row to make a flat piece.

  • Knit with two colors: Try stripes, color blocking, or fair isle techniques.

  • Embellish: Sew on buttons, pom poms, lace or bows using the yarn tails.

  • Make a set: Knit cozies in different colors to coordinate with your bathroom.

  • Adjust sizing: Make wider or longer cozies to fit over larger decorator rolls or jumbo rolls.

  • Use novelty yarn: Fuzzy yarn, ribbon yarn, or eyelash yarn adds texture and flair.

So try out your own combinations and get creative with your toilet paper cozy knitting!

Knitting Tips for Toilet Paper Cozies

Here are some helpful tips for knitting great toilet paper cozies:

  • Make sure your cozy is stretchy enough to fit over the roll by using a lightweight yarn and adding gathers.

  • Weave yarn tails to the inside and trim to reduce bulk.

  • Blocking your finished cozy helps smooth and even the fabric.

  • Use stitch markers to mark the halves on each end for easier seaming.

  • Sew seams and gather using yarn tails to hide knots inside.

  • Add a tassel or pom pom if desired for a cute finish.

  • Make the cozy long enough so it won’t slip down as the toilet paper is used up.

Follow these tips and you’ll have stylish and functional handknit toilet paper cozies to liven up your bathroom decor!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about knitting toilet paper cozies:

How long does it take to knit a toilet paper cozy?

This is a very quick and easy knitting project. An experienced knitter could make a cozy in 30 minutes to an hour. Beginners will need 1-2 hours.

What size toilet paper rolls will the cozy fit?

The instructions above are for a standard toilet paper roll (approx. 5-6 inches long). But the cozy can be made longer or wider to accommodate larger decorator or jumbo rolls.

Can I knit a toilet paper cozy on circular needles?

Yes, you can knit the main piece flat on circulars. Use a 16-24 inch circular needle in a size appropriate for your yarn weight.

What if my cozy is too tight or loose on the roll?

Adjust the number of cast on stitches. More stitches will make a wider, looser cozy. Fewer stitches makes a tighter fit. Or adjust the amount of gathering.

Can I put the cozy in the washing machine if it gets dirty?

Yes, you can wash knit toilet paper cozies by machine. Use a gentle cycle and dry flat if possible. Avoid high heat.

I hope these answers help you successfully knit your own set of cute and crafty toilet paper cozies! Let me know if you have any other questions.