How to Knit a Scarf in Secret When Your Friends Think Knitting is Uncool

How to Knit a Scarf in Secret When Your Friends Think Knitting is Uncool

Choosing the Right Yarn

Selecting the proper yarn is crucial when knitting a scarf in secret. Steer clear of yarns like mohair or angora that shed easily and leave evidence of your clandestine knitting. Acrylic yarns are a good choice since they are inexpensive, come in many colors, and don’t shed much. Cotton yarns are also great for secret scarfing. Look for a lighter weight yarn, like DK or sport weight, which will knit up into a fabric that isn’t too bulky. Bring a knitting needle with you when yarn shopping to make sure you get the right size yarn for your tools.

When checking out at the craft store, ask for a plain brown paper bag instead of the standard plastic or branded knitting bags. This will help conceal your purchase when transporting your covert yarn home.

Selecting Knitting Needles

Opt for straight knitting needles rather than circular ones for your furtive knitting endeavor. Straight needles are more easily concealed and take up less space than circulars.

Bamboo and wood needles are the quietest options as the tips won’t click when you knit. Metal needles like aluminum and stainless steel make tapping and clicking sounds as you work, so avoid them for stealth knitting.

Shorter 10 to 12 inch needles are the best choice. They will fit easily into a bag or purse so you can knit in secret at a moment’s notice.

Hiding Your Knitting

When knitting at home, keep your project tucked away in a drawer or closet. Choose a container like a shoebox, hatbox, or opaque plastic bin with a lid to conceal it. If you leave your knitting out in plain sight, you’ll have to explain what the scarf is for.

Stay alert for friends dropping by unexpectedly. Having an excuse planned in advance can help hide the true nature of your knitting. Say you’re working on a gift for a family member or donating scarves to a homeless shelter.

If keeping your knitting at home is too risky, consider storing your WIP (work in progress) at a sympathetic relative or friend’s house. An understanding grandmother may be willing to provide cover for your covert crafting.

Knitting On the Go

One way to keep your surreptitious scarf knitting under wraps is to work on it outside of your home. If you have a long commute on public transit, get a few rows done while waiting at the bus stop or on the train. Sit in the back to avoid curious glances.

Look for knitting nooks at your office, school, library, or other public places. An unused meeting room, stairwell, or restroom stall can give you some privacy to get the needles clicking.

Cafés make great secret knitting spots if you choose a table away from high traffic areas. Order a chai latte to blend in with the laptop crowd while you manage a few furtive rows.

At lunch, claim an empty classroom, break room, or park bench to catch up on your undercover scarf. Just keep the knitting bag concealed until you’re alone.

Cover Stories

When heading out the door with knitting in tow, have a cover story ready in case you’re questioned. Say you’re:
– Teaching your niece/nephew/little cousin to knit
– Knitting a baby blanket for charity
– Mending your favorite scarf from last winter
– Testing a pattern for a family friend who designs knitwear

If your secret scarf is discovered, feign absentmindedness. Say you picked up the habit as stress relief or to keep your hands busy, but it’s not a big deal. Downplay knitting as a relaxing distraction to avoid getting grief from unsupportive friends.

Stay cool and don’t get flustered if interrogated. The less defensive you act, the less likely people will see knitting as a touchy subject and continue pestering you about it.

Final Touches

Once your scarf is complete, consider hand washing and blocking it to smooth the fabric and even the edges. This will give it a more professional, store-bought appearance.

Add tassels or fringe to the ends for visual interest and to catch admiring eyes. While not necessary, a chic scarf pin can accessorize your neck warmer and distract from its homemade origins.

Now get out there and rock your stealthy scarf with confidence. When complimented on it, accept graciously without revealing your covert knitting campaign. Your secret remains safe without compromising your knitting credibility.