How to Improve Your Creativity By Playing With Legos

How to Improve Your Creativity By Playing With Legos

How to Improve Your Creativity By Playing With Legos

Playing with Legos can be a fun and engaging way to boost your creativity. Here’s an in-depth look at how Legos can help improve creative thinking.

What are Legos and Why are They Good for Creativity?

Legos are interlocking plastic bricks and other pieces that allow you to build a variety of objects and structures. They come in a range of colors, sizes, and shapes.

Legos are great for creativity because:

  • They are versatile – You can build almost anything with Legos. This sparks imagination and gets your creative juices flowing.

  • They require problem-solving – To build more complex Lego structures, you need to figure out how to connect and arrange the pieces. This exercises critical thinking.

  • They encourage open-ended play – Legos have no strict rules, so you’re free to build whatever you want. This promotes innovative thinking.

  • They combine structure and flexibility – Legos provide structure through the interlocking bricks but total flexibility in what you choose to build. This balance fosters creativity.

How to Use Legos to Boost Your Creativity

Here are some suggested techniques for using Legos to maximize creative benefits:

1. Build Without Instructions

Don’t follow the instructions for pre-designed Lego kits. Instead, simply start connecting Legos together and see what you can come up with. Let your imagination guide the building process. This “free building” stretches your creative abilities.

2. Recreate Something You Know

Try using Legos to build a real-world object you’re familiar with, like your house, your car, or your pet. Recreating something in Lego form requires visualizing from different angles and problem-solving connections.

3. Make a Lego Version of Yourself

Design and build a mini Lego version of yourself. Consider details like clothing, hairstyle, accessories, and facial expression. This is a fun creative challenge.

4. Build Themes and Scenes

Pick a theme like “under the sea” or “medieval kingdom” and use Legos to create a related scene. Gather Lego pieces in appropriate colors and shapes and let your imagination construct the setting.

5. Mix and Match Pieces

Take Legos from different existing kits and combine the pieces in new ways. See what innovative designs or structures you can create from the mixed parts.

6. Set a Time Limit

To spur creative thinking under pressure, set a timer and challenge yourself to build something within a set time limit, like 15 minutes.

Lego Challenges to Boost Creativity

Here are some specific Lego challenges to really get those creative juices flowing:

  • Build the tallest tower possible from your Lego collection

  • Create a unique Lego vehicle that has never existed before

  • Design an unusual Lego creature that combines features from different animals

  • Construct Lego versions of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

  • Invent a Lego board game including the board, pieces, and rules

  • Make Lego versions of your favorite fictional characters from movies, books, or TV shows

Tips for Maximizing Creativity with Legos

Follow these tips to get the most creative stimulation from Lego play:

  • Vary the types of pieces – Use a mixture of standard bricks as well as technic pieces, bases, and minifigures to inspire different ideas.

  • Add loose parts – Keep a supply of random Lego pieces in a bin to allow for spur-of-the-moment inspiration.

  • Change your surroundings – Build in different rooms or outdoors to spark fresh ideas.

  • Display your creations – Seeing finished builds reminds you of what’s possible and motivates you.

  • Take photos of your builds – This allows you to recreate and improve upon your designs later.

  • Collaborate on ideas – Brainstorm and build with a partner or group for an exchange of perspectives.

The key is to keep tinkering with Legos in new ways to continuously activate imaginative thinking. With regular Lego play, you can unlock fresh creative potential!


Legos offer the perfect balance of structure and unbounded possibility to get your creative juices flowing. Use techniques like building without instructions, recreating objects, collaborating, and setting time limits. Vary the Lego components you use and display or photograph creations for inspiration. With the right approach, playing with Legos can be a fun, engaging way to boost innovative thinking!