How to Grow Moss in Cracks Between Pavers

How to Grow Moss in Cracks Between Pavers

Growing moss in the cracks between outdoor pavers is an easy way to add natural beauty to any patio, walkway, or driveway. Moss fills in the empty spaces between pavers, creating a lush, green carpet that softens hard surfaces. Follow these simple steps to grow moss between pavers successfully.

Choose the Right Location

Moss thrives in shady, moist areas. When choosing where to grow moss between pavers, look for locations that meet these criteria:

  • Areas with indirect sunlight – Moss prefers shady spots and won’t flourish in direct sun. North-facing walls or areas under tree cover are ideal.

  • Areas with good drainage – Moss needs moist soil but doesn’t like standing water. The gaps between pavers allow for drainage.

  • Areas with high humidity – Moss flourishes in damp climates and locations near bodies of water.

  • Areas protected from wind – Windy spots can dry moss out. Places near buildings or walls provide shelter.

Prepare the Paver Cracks

Before planting moss, prepare the cracks between pavers to create an optimal growing environment:

  • Remove debris – Clear out leaves, weeds, dirt or stones from between the pavers using a small trowel, scoop, or vacuum.

  • Loosen compacted soil – Use a screwdriver to gently loosen any hardened soil between pavers. This allows the moss to root.

  • Apply gravel or sand – Fill gaps with a thin layer of gravel or coarse sand to provide drainage under the moss.

Obtain Moss for Planting

You can obtain moss for your pavers in a few different ways:

  • Harvest wild moss – Carefully scrape up moss from shady, damp spots in your yard. Try to get clumps with multiple plants.

  • Buy moss – Purchase moss online or from a garden center. Look for cushion or sheet moss varieties.

  • Make moss milkshake – Blend some collected moss with buttermilk and water. Paint this mixture into paver cracks.

Plant the Moss

To install the moss in paver gaps:

  • Gently press clumps of moss into the spaces between pavers. Make sure it contacts the gravel or sand base.

  • If using a moss milkshake, apply it to cracks with a paintbrush or spray bottle.

  • Water thoroughly after planting to moisten the moss and soil.

  • Use small rocks or pieces of flagstone to hold the moss in place while it establishes.

Care for Growing Moss

Proper care keeps moss between pavers looking lush:

  • Water frequently – Moss between pavers may dry out faster than other locations. Misting daily maintains optimal moisture.

  • Check for weeds – Gently hand pull any sprouting weeds to prevent them crowding out the moss.

  • Remove leaves – Rake out fallen leaves, which can smother the moss. A soft bristled broom works for this task.

  • Trim overgrown patches – Use scissors to trim any moss patches that get too thick or long. This encourages new growth.

  • Top dress with buttermilk – Every few months, sprinkle buttermilk over the moss and water it in. This provides nutrients.

With the right conditions and care, moss will thrive and spread to form a soft green carpet between your outdoor pavers in no time. Maintaining moss is easy, and it adds natural beauty to paths, patios, and more.