How to Grow Moss in Cracks Between Patio Pavers

How to Grow Moss in Cracks Between Patio Pavers

How to Grow Moss in Cracks Between Patio Pavers


Growing moss in the cracks of your patio pavers is a great way to add natural beauty and a lush, green accent to your outdoor living space. Moss thrives in shady, damp areas and can help prevent weeds from sprouting up between pavers. With a little effort, you can have a mossy patio paradise.

Choosing the Right Location

The first step is choosing the right spot for your moss patio. Moss requires consistent moisture and shade to thrive. Areas that get morning or late afternoon sun, but are shaded during the hot midday hours are ideal. North-facing patios or other shady spots are also good candidates.

Avoid planting moss in direct sun or areas that completely dry out between waterings. The moss will likely die in hot, arid locations. Check the moisture of the area by lifting a paver and feeling the soil underneath after it rains. It should remain damp, but not overly soggy.

Gathering Supplies

You’ll need a few simple supplies:

  • Moss – Look for cushion or sheet moss from a garden center or online. Cushion moss forms dense, emerald green clumps while sheet moss has a smooth, flat growth habit.

  • Buttermilk – The acidic nature helps moss establish.

  • Water – Use rainwater or distilled water which lacks minerals that can build up.

  • Mister bottle – For gently watering moss until it takes root.

  • Trowel – For lifting pavers and digging soil.

Prepping the Space

Prepare the area between your pavers for planting:

  • Lift pavers and loosen soil down to 2-3 inches with a trowel.

  • Mix in a bit of buttermilk to lower the pH. Moss prefers acidic soil.

  • Level and smooth the soil, filling low spots. Replace pavers.

  • Mist thoroughly with water until the area is damp but not flooded.

Planting the Moss

Now you’re ready to add the moss:

  • Carefully lift each paver and set aside.

  • Gently press clumps of moss into the damp soil, leaving 1/2 inch between clumps.

  • Alternate the direction of each clump for a natural look.

  • Replace the pavers. Don’t press too firmly or you may dislodge the moss.

  • Thoroughly mist the moss with water after planting.

Caring for Your Moss

Moss requires a bit of specialized care:

  • Water your moss every other day by misting lightly. Soak the area thoroughly once a week.

  • Trim any brown or dying bits with scissors. This encourages new growth.

  • Weed carefully by hand to avoid disturbing the moss.

  • Add a thin layer of buttermilk twice a year to maintain an acidic pH.

  • Rake the moss with your fingers to fluff and encourage growth.

With proper site selection and consistent moisture, your moss patio will fill in beautifully in 2-4 months. The end result is a living work of art!

Troubleshooting Common Problems

If your moss patio isn’t thriving, a few issues may need addressing:

  • Dying moss – Increase watering frequency. Ensure the soil stays consistently damp.

  • Moss drying out – Mist more frequently or consider relocating if the site is too hot and dry.

  • Moss turning brown – pH is too high. Mix in more buttermilk to increase acidity.

  • Weeds – Carefully hand pull weeds to avoid disturbing moss. Maintain acidic pH to discourage weeds.

  • Mineral deposits – Use only rainwater or distilled water. Avoid hard tap water high in minerals.

  • Too much moisture – Allow soil to dry slightly between waterings. Limit soakings to once a week.

Enjoying Your Mossy Oasis

A moss patio offers a serene, beautiful living space. Add a few final touches:

  • Place stone walkways through your moss garden.

  • Install outdoor lighting to create a magical nighttime feel.

  • Add natural accessories like stone benches or bird baths.

  • Complement with ferns and other shade-loving plants.

Your moss oasis will provide enjoyment for years to come! Be sure to rake, trim, and care for your moss to keep it looking lush and vibrant in all seasons.