How to Give Up Hot Showers to Save Energy

How to Give Up Hot Showers to Save Energy

Why Give Up Hot Showers?

Hot showers feel great, but they use a lot of energy. Heating water accounts for nearly 20% of home energy use in the United States. By giving up hot showers, I can significantly reduce my home energy consumption and carbon footprint. Here are some key reasons why I want to give up hot showers:

  • Save money on utility bills. Heating water is expensive, so reducing hot water use saves money.
  • Conserve energy. It takes a lot of electricity or gas to heat water. Using less hot water conserves these resources.
  • Reduce carbon emissions. Most hot water is heated with fossil fuels, which emit carbon when burned. Using less hot water reduces emissions.
  • Save water. Hot showers tend to use more water. Cooler showers are more motivating to keep them short.

Giving up hot showers is one of the most effective ways I can reduce my personal energy usage and make a positive environmental impact. The benefits for the planet and my wallet make it worthwhile.

How to Transition to Cooler Showers

Giving up hot showers may sound miserable, but with the right techniques, it is totally doable! Here are some tips to help make the transition:

Start with Lukewarm Showers

Don’t go cold turkey. Ease into it by lowering your water heater temperature incrementally. Begin showering in lukewarm water. Once comfortable, lower the temperature a bit more. Gradually acclimating makes the transition much easier.

Try a Cooler Shower Once a Week

Designate one shower per week as a “cool shower day.” Challenge yourself to turn the hot water off or down. The periodic cooler shower will get your body used to lower temperatures. You can increase the frequency over time.

Take Quicker Showers

Hot showers tend to be longer. Limit your cool shower time to 5 minutes max. The brevity makes the lower temp more bearable. Use a timer or music to help pace yourself.

Breathe Deeply

Deep breathing helps your body adjust to the cold. Inhale slowly through your nose and deeply fill your lungs. Exhale calmly through your mouth. Stay focused on your breathing.

Start with Your Feet

Gradually get each body part used to the cool water. Start at your feet, then legs, torso, and finally shoulders and head last. Easing in makes the experience less shocking.

End with a Cool Blast

Finish your shower with 30 seconds of pure cold water. It will send a jolt through your system to wake you up! Then you can turn off the water and won’t have to stay cold.

Make Your Cool Showers More Enjoyable

Here are some tips to make giving up hot showers a more positive experience:

Shower After Exercise

Take a cool shower shortly after exercising when your body temp is already elevated. The cooler water will feel amazing and you won’t get cold.

Listen to Music

Sing along to fun tunes to get your mind off the chill. Staying mentally engaged makes the time go quicker.

Use Shower Essentials

Lather up with a rich body wash and shampoo. The scents and sensations make the shower more luxurious.

Reward Yourself

Celebrate a week of cooler showers by treating yourself to something special like a massage. Positive reinforcement helps build the new habit.

Shower with a Partner

If you have a significant other, shower together for motivation, accountability and body heat! Chat or play games to distract yourselves from the temperature.

Be Patient with Yourself

  • Don’t expect to love cold showers overnight. It takes time to adjust physically and mentally.
  • Some days will be easier than others. Don’t beat yourself up for “cheating” with a warm shower occasionally.
  • Focus on the positives like saving money and the environment. This will help you power through the discomfort.
  • View occasional hot showers as a treat to enjoy guilt-free. But get right back to your cooler routine afterwards!

With the right techniques and mindset, I am confident I can successfully give up hot showers. The environmental and financial benefits make it well worth it! What energy-saving shower routine will you try? Let me know how it goes!