How to Crochet Reusable Produce Bags From Old Clothes

How to Crochet Reusable Produce Bags From Old Clothes

How to Crochet Reusable Produce Bags From Old Clothes

Making your own reusable produce bags is a great way to reduce plastic waste and give old clothes new life. With just some crochet hooks, yarn, and fabric from thrifted clothes or sheets, you can stitch up cute and functional bags for your fruits, vegetables, and other groceries.

Gather Your Materials

To start, you’ll need to collect the following supplies:

  • Crochet hook: Size I/9 or J/10 hook works best. You want a hook on the larger side to crochet with the fabric strips.

  • Yarn: Cotton yarn is preferable, as it has some grip and won’t stretch too much when holding produce. You’ll need about 1 skein.

  • Fabric: Look for lightweight cotton fabrics like old t-shirts, sheets, curtains, etc. Stay away from thick fabrics like denim. You’ll need 1-2 yards.

  • Scissors: For cutting fabric.

  • Ruler or measuring tape: To measure fabric strips.

  • Pins: To pin the strips together while crocheting.

Prepare the Fabric Strips

The bags are made by crocheting together strips of fabric, so you’ll need to cut some up first:

  • Lay out your fabric and cut into strips 2-2.5 inches wide. The length can vary.

  • Cut strips across the entire width of the fabric to maximize yardage.

  • Cut 10-20 strips, or until you have a small pile. More is better to give you options when crocheting.

  • Iron strips to remove wrinkles and make them easier to work with.

Crochet the Produce Bags

Now onto the fun part – time to crochet!

Crochet a Basic Chain

  • Create a slip knot on your crochet hook to start your chain.

  • Chain about 30-40 stitches to form the base of your bag. Don’t pull too tight.

  • Slip stitch into the first chain to join into a round.

Add the Body

  • Single crochet into each chain around to build up the sides of the bag.

  • Crochet 2-3 rows depending on how tall you want the bag.

  • To change strips, pin new strip over old and crochet them together on the inside for a few stitches.

Shape the Top

  • Once your bag is the desired height, single crochet 2 together around to shape the top.

  • Slip stitch into next stitch to join. Chain 1 and slip stitch again to secure.

  • Weave in ends and trim any excess strips.

Add a Drawstring

  • Crochet a 40-50 stitch chain with yarn.

  • Pull through the top of the bag and stitch ends together.

  • Knot ends to secure drawstring.

  • Make the drawstring longer than the top of the bag so it cinches nicely.

Tips and Tricks

  • Mix different fabrics for a scrappy look. Or use all one fabric for uniform bags.

  • Stagger your strip seams when changing strips to make the bags stronger.

  • Line bags with muslin for structure and durability if needed.

  • Vary the size of your base chain to make large or small bags.

  • Add length by crocheting more rows before shaping the top.

  • Try crocheting with t-shirt yarn made from cotton shirts.

And that’s it! With a little time and creativity, you can crochet dozens of eco-friendly produce bags to take to the market or store. Reduce waste in a crafty way.