How to Crochet an Ugly Christmas Sweater

How to Crochet an Ugly Christmas Sweater

How to Crochet an Ugly Christmas Sweater

Choosing a Pattern

When crocheting an ugly Christmas sweater, the first step is choosing a pattern. There are many fun and kitschy patterns to choose from, like sweaters with reindeer, snowmen, Christmas trees, stockings, ornaments, and more. The key is picking a pattern that will result in a playful, humorous, and deliberately tacky design.

I like to browse Ravelry and Etsy to find ugly Christmas sweater crochet patterns. These sites have hundreds of options with varying degrees of complexity. As a beginner crocheter, I would recommend starting with an easier pattern that uses mostly single and double crochet stitches. A pattern with cables, bobbles, or colorwork may be more challenging.

Once I’ve found a few potential patterns, I consider:

  • The level of difficulty – is it suitable for my skill level?
  • Required materials – do I have the right yarn, hook size, notions, etc?
  • Finished measurements – will it fit me or the gift recipient?
  • My enthusiasm for the design – do I love it enough to commit to crocheting the whole thing?

I make sure to choose a pattern that excites me and I know I’ll enjoy crocheting. An ugly Christmas sweater is a big commitment, so pick a design you absolutely love!

Selecting Yarn

Now it’s time to go yarn shopping! For an ugly Christmas sweater, the yarn choice is key. Here are some tips:

  • Opt for acrylic yarn rather than wool – it will be warmer, cheaper, and more durable.
  • Choose bright, garish colors like neon green, hot pink, electric blue, etc. The tackier the better!
  • Multicolored yarn with wild, unpredictable color changes is ideal.
  • Don’t be afraid of glitz – yarn with sparkles, sequins, or metallic strands will make your sweater extra gaudy.
  • Get creative and combine a few different textures and weights of yarn in one sweater.

To make sure I purchase enough yarn, I check the pattern for the recommended yardage. I get at least one extra skein so I don’t run out halfway through the project.

Mastering Special Stitches

Once I have my pattern and yarn, I review the special stitches and techniques used. An ugly Christmas sweater often includes special stitches like:

  • Puff stitches – 3-D bobbles and popped popcorn textures
  • Post/raised stitches – stitches worked around a vertical post for texture
  • Bobbles – dense round bobbles create fun decorations
  • Cable stitches – twisting ropes of yarn form intricate designs
  • Fair Isle – stranding multiple colors in a single row

I practice any unfamiliar stitches by watching YouTube tutorials and swatching until I feel confident. It’s much easier to learn special techniques before diving into the main project.


Speaking of swatching, this is a mandatory step for a successful ugly Christmas sweater! I cannot stress enough how important it is to crochet a gauge swatch before starting.

By crocheting a swatch in the recommended hook size and yarn, I can:

  • Check that I obtain the correct gauge listed in the pattern
  • Confirm I like the texture and drape of the yarn
  • See how the colors pool and stripe
  • Identify any issues with my tension
  • Make any adjustments to hook size to match gauge

I crochet a swatch at least 6″ x 6″, wash and block it, and measure my stitches per inch. Adjusting gauge now prevents major headaches later!

Tips for Crocheting the Sweater

Once I’m ready to dive in, here are some top tips for smoothly crocheting my masterpiece ugly Christmas sweater:

  • Use stitch markers to mark key points like the start of rounds.
  • Count stitches frequently to avoid mistakes – an ugly sweater has to fit properly!
  • Follow shaping instructions carefully – increases and decreases sculpt the fit.
  • Weave in ends as you go to reduce finishing work.
  • Block pieces before seaming for best results.
  • When in doubt, consult YouTube for visual guides on techniques.
  • Take breaks to avoid burnout – ugly Christmas sweaters are marathon projects!

Most of all, I remind myself to relax and have fun during the process. I turn on Christmas music or a movie to get in the spirit. If I go into the project with patience and joy, my ugly sweater will reflect that!

Finishing Touches

Once all pieces are crocheted, it’s time for the fun part – adding garish embellishments! I browse craft stores to find delightfully tacky pom poms, bows, bells, sequins, and other decorations. I attach these with yarn, glue, or sewing to really take my ugly sweater over the top.

Some ideas:

  • Pom pom borders around cuffs, hem, and neckline
  • Appliqué felt Christmas shapes like trees, stockings, etc.
  • Accent stripes with complementary yarn colors
  • Tinsel garland woven through eyelets
  • Jingle bells sewn onto bows or pompoms

I also add any specific design details from my pattern, like crocheting snowflakes for a snowman sweater. Go wild and let your creativity run free!

Finally, I weave in all ends, block the finished sweater, and admire my horrendously fantastic creation! When wearing it, I get ready for plenty of compliments, laughs, and holiday cheer. There’s nothing quite as rewarding as rocking a hand-crocheted ugly Christmas sweater.