How to Build an Eco-Friendly Home Using Recycled Tires

How to Build an Eco-Friendly Home Using Recycled Tires

How to Build an Eco-Friendly Home Using Recycled Tires

Building an eco-friendly home using recycled materials like used tires can help reduce waste while creating a unique and sustainable living space. Here is a guide on how I was able to build my own eco-home using recycled tires:

Choosing the Tire Source

The first step is finding a good source of used tires. Here are some options I considered:


Junkyards often have old used tires they are looking to get rid of. I was able to call around and find one willing to give me tires for free if I hauled them away. This allowed me to get a large quantity of tires at no cost.

Tire Retailers

I also approached some local tire shops about any used tires they wanted to dispose of. Many were happy to let me take tires off their hands for free or a small fee. This provided another good source of materials.

Online Listings

Websites like Craigslist often have people trying to get rid of old tires. I was able to find dozens of free tires being given away that just needed to be picked up. This provided an easy online source of free tires.

Transporting the Tires

Once I secured the tire sources, I needed to transport them to my property. Here are some methods I used:

  • Renting a truck – For large loads, renting a truck or trailer allowed me to move many tires at once. This was the most efficient method.

  • Using a roof rack – For smaller loads, I was able to transport 10-15 tires at a time on top of my SUV using a roof rack.

  • By hand – For nearby tire sources, I simply carried as many as I could fit in my vehicle by hand and made multiple trips.

Constructing with Tires

The fun part was using the tires to actually build elements of the home. Here are some of the techniques I used:


  • Stacked whole tires filled with rammed earth to form structural walls. The curved shape provided unique aesthetics.

  • Cut tires open and flattened them to create shingles to cover frame walls. This created a textured wall surface.


  • Filled whole tires with concrete to use as paver stones for patios and floors. This created a durable surface.

  • Cut and flattened tires filled with gravel to tile floors in a herringbone brick pattern.


  • Cut tires into shingles and nailed them onto roof rafters in an overlapping pattern. This created a waterproof rubber roof.

  • Used whole tires filled with soil and plants to create a living green roof. The tires provided drainage and insulation.

Benefits of Building with Tires

Using recycled tires provided many advantages:

  • Sustainability – Repurposing waste tires diverts them from landfills. The home has low environmental impact.

  • Durability – Tires are tough and rugged. They can withstand weather, wear and tear.

  • Thermal insulation – Tires have insulating properties that help regulate interior temperatures.

  • Affordability – Sourcing waste tires meant the materials were free or very low cost.

  • Creativity – Tires allow for unique architecture shapes and patterns.

By utilizing recycled tires for construction, I was able to build an eco-friendly home with character and reduce my environmental footprint. With some determination and creative thinking, tires can become an eco-chic building material.