How to Build a Homemade Wind Turbine from Scrap Materials

How to Build a Homemade Wind Turbine from Scrap Materials

How to Build a Homemade Wind Turbine from Scrap Materials

Building a wind turbine from scrap materials can be a fun and rewarding project. With some creativity and elbow grease, I can build an energy generating wind turbine using reused and repurposed materials. Here is a step-by-step guide on how I built my own homemade wind turbine on a budget.

Gather the Necessary Materials

The first step is to gather the materials needed to build the wind turbine. Here are the main components I used:

  • BladesI used 3 old wooden paddles from a scrap pile. I cut them down to size. The blades capture the kinetic energy from the wind.

  • HubI used an old bicycle wheel hub to hold the blades and connect to the rotor. Make sure it can spin freely.

  • Rotor – This is connected to the alternator to produce electricity. I used a metal disk from an old washing machine as the rotor.

  • Alternator – The alternator converts the rotational energy into electrical energy. I scavenged one from an old car.

  • Body/frame – The body holds all the components together. I welded scrap metal pipes and bars into a tower frame.

  • Tail – The tail keeps the turbine facing into the wind. I used a sheet of scrap metal bent into a curve.

Build the Rotor and Blades

With the materials gathered, it’s time to start building. Here are the main steps I took:

  • Cut the wooden paddles to the desired blade size. I made them 24 inches long.
  • Sand and shape the blades into efficient airfoils. An aerodynamic curved shape works best.
  • Attach the blades equally spaced out on the rotor disk using bolts, screws or rivets.
  • Attach the rotor securely to the alternator shaft so they spin together as one unit.

I tested the rotor assembly by spinning it – it should rotate freely. The spinning rotor converts wind energy into rotational energy.

Construct the Frame and Tail

Next, I built the body frame and tail:

  • Weld scrap metal pipes into a tower shape to support the turbine. Make sure it’s sturdy and anchored securely into the ground.
  • Attach the alternator and rotor assembly onto the frame. Use metal plates to hold them in place.
  • Take a sheet of scrap metal and bend it into a curved tail shape.
  • Attach the tail to the frame using hinges. It needs to pivot to orient the turbine into the wind.

Add Electrical Components

The final steps involve adding electrical components:

  • Wire up the alternator AC output to a bridge rectifier to convert to DC.
  • Connect a charge controller to regulate the power into a battery bank.
  • Wire in a DC-AC power inverter to invert the power back to standard AC outlet voltage.
  • Connect the inverter output to appliances, lights, tools or the power grid.

With the wind turbine fully assembled, just wait for a good breeze and start generating free electricity!Fine tuning the turbine angle and blade pitch can help maximize power output.


Building a scrap-built wind turbine takes some time and effort, but it’s a rewarding way to produce renewable energy. With reused materials and components, I was able to build an effective homemade wind turbine on a budget. Get creative with the design and have fun scavenging for parts. The finished turbine will provide free off-grid power when the wind is blowing.