How to Build a Home From Scrap Wood and Found Objects

How to Build a Home From Scrap Wood and Found Objects

How to Build a Home From Scrap Wood and Found Objects


Building a home from scrap and found objects can be a fun, creative, and cost-effective project. With some planning, hard work, and imagination, you can construct a unique living space using materials that would otherwise go to waste. In this article, I will share my experience and advice for building your own scrap wood home from the ground up.

Finding and Collecting Materials

The first step is gathering adequate materials. Here are some tips for sourcing scrap wood and other usable objects:

  • Check construction sites – Look for discarded wood, nails, hardware, and more. Always ask for permission before taking anything.
  • Visit salvage yards – Old barns, factories, and buildings are taken apart here. You can find beams, floorboards, windows, and other materials.
  • Talk to contractors/handymen – They often have leftover supplies from jobs that they are happy to get rid of.
  • Watch for bulk trash days – Drive around neighborhoods on big trash days to spot usable materials being thrown out.
  • Post on Freecycle/Craigslist – Place “wanted” ads for scrap wood and other objects you need.
  • Host a salvage event – Get friends together to collect wood and supplies from around the community. Offer free haul-aways.

Take time to clean and prepare the materials before using them. Salvaged items may need sanding, patching, weatherproofing, or other fixes.

Planning and Design

Decide on the size, layout, and style of home you want to build. Smaller spaces are easier for beginners.Evaluate your available materials and make drawings that maximize their use while achieving your desired home.Consider resale value and permits if this will be a permanent residence. Research regulations for your area.Think through important elements like:

  • Foundation
  • Framing
  • Roofing
  • Insulation
  • Windows/doors
  • Utilities
  • Storage space

Building the Structure

Construction will take time and physical effort. Pace yourself, use safe practices, and get help when needed. Some key steps include:

Framing the Floor

  • Clear and level the site
  • Pour concrete footings or use an existing slab/pier foundation
  • Assemble floor joists from dimensional lumber or salvaged boards
  • Add plywood or scrap wood sheathing atop joists

Raising the Walls

  • Cut studs and top/bottom plates from scrap 2x4s and 4x4s
  • Stand up each wall section and anchor to floor framing
  • Brace walls with diagonal lumber to keep them straight

Framing the Roof

  • Use a simple gable style roof with premade trusses or build your own with 2×4 rafters
  • Add scrap 1x boards or plywood across rafters to make the roof deck
  • Cover decking with rolled roofing, metal sheets, or repurposed shingles

Adding Finishing Touches

To complete your scrap wood abode:

  • Hang interior doors and install windows in the framed openings
  • Add insulation between wall studs and ceiling joists for warmth
  • Attach exterior siding and roofing materials
  • Run basic electrical wiring and plumb water supply lines as desired
  • Build furniture like beds, tables, and cabinets from collected materials
  • Add personality through decorations, paint jobs, and cozy touches

With smart planning, grit, and imagination, you can create a wonderfully unique home with discarded items and a bit of sweat equity. The process allows endless creativity and great satisfaction.

Final Thoughts

Building your own home from the ground up is an ambitious but rewarding challenge. Follow safety best practices and get assistance for tricky steps like electrical and roofing work. Don’t let the scale of the project intimidate you – just take it one step at a time. With adequate materials, good plans, and determination, you can build the scrap wood house of your dreams. The finished product will be a comfortable, sustainable, and completely customized living space that reflects your style and hard work.