How to Build a Home From Recycled Rubber

How to Build a Home From Recycled Rubber

How to Build a Home From Recycled Rubber


Building a home from recycled materials like rubber can be a great way to reduce waste and build an eco-friendly house. Old tires and other rubber materials can be repurposed into walls, floors, roofs, and more with the right techniques. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to build a home from recycled rubber.

Gather the Materials

The first step is to gather recycled rubber to use for building. Here are some good sources:

  • Used tires – The most common source of recycled rubber is used tires. Contact tire retailers, junkyards, recycling centers, etc. to acquire used tires.

  • Old rubber mats or tiles – Check construction sites or flooring retailers for discarded rubber mats, gym floor tiles, etc. These can be repurposed.

  • Industrial rubber waste – Rubber scraps and waste from factories can potentially be acquired or donated.

  • Old rubber hoses, belts, gaskets – These rubber parts can be removed from discarded machines/vehicles and reused.

  • Shoe soles – If you have access to a large quantity of used shoe soles, these can be repurposed.

Aim to gather a variety of rubber items – tires, mats, belts, etc. The diversity will help with construction.

Create the Walls

The recycled rubber can be used to make extremely durable walls for your home. Here are two options:

Tire Walls

  • Stack and arrange used tires like bricks to form the wall structure.

  • Fill the gaps between tires with a cob mixture of clay, sand and straw for insulation.

  • Use rebar pieces to reinforce the walls by threading them vertically through the tire openings.

  • Coat the walls in natural plaster like lime or clay for a smooth finish.

Compressed Rubber Bricks

  • Shred and grind the rubber into flakes using a large shredder or chipper.

  • Compress the rubber flakes into dense bricks using a manual or automated press.

  • Arrange the rubber bricks like normal bricks to build the walls.

  • Use a cob mixture between bricks for insulation.

Construct the Roof

There are couple options for making a rubberized roof:

  • Tire shingles – Cut used tires into shingle shapes and nail them onto a wooden roof frame, like clay tiles.

  • Rubber sheet roof – Heat and compress rubber flakes into a seamless rubber roofing sheet. Install on rafters.

  • Green roof – Install a conventional roof, then place a thick rubber drainage layer and soil/plants on top to create a green roof.

Make Rubber Floors

Recycled rubber can make comfortable, durable flooring:

  • Use thick rubber mats or tiles as finished flooring in rooms. Glue or bolt together.

  • Shred tires and compress the flakes into dense rubber bricks to pave as floor tiles.

  • Melt and mold rubber into interlocking floor tiles. Allow to cool and harden. Snap together like puzzle pieces.

Insulate with Shredded Rubber

  • Use a shredder to break tires and other rubber into tiny flakes.

  • Pour the rubber flakes into wall and roof cavities to serve as insulation.

  • This is an eco-friendly replacement for fiberglass insulation.

Benefits of a Rubber Home

Building with recycled rubber has many advantages:

  • Extremely durable and damage resistant – Rubber walls can withstand harsh weather, pests, minor impacts, etc.

  • Good insulation – Rubber flakes in walls retain heat effectively to reduce energy costs.

  • Fire resistant – Rubber is naturally fire retardant.

  • Eco-friendly – Repurposing rubber reduces landfill waste.

  • Low maintenance – Rubber walls and floors are easy to clean and maintain.

So consider discovering the benefits of recycled rubber construction firsthand! With the right techniques, you can build a home that is comfortable, durable, and eco-friendly using 100% recycled materials.