How to Build a Home From Recycled Plastic Bottles

How to Build a Home From Recycled Plastic Bottles

How to Build a Home From Recycled Plastic Bottles

Building a home from recycled plastic bottles is an innovative and eco-friendly construction method. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to build your own plastic bottle home:

Gather Materials

The main materials you will need are:

  • Plastic bottles – Clean and dry used plastic soda/water bottles are perfect. Calculate how many you need based on your home’s size.
  • Sand – Fill bottles with sand to stabilize them. Get coarse builders sand.
  • Cement – Used to bind bottles together. You’ll need several bags of cement.
  • Brick/cob layers – Skilled people to build the plastic bottle walls properly.

Other supplies like chicken wire, rebar, nails, and wood may be needed too.

Design and Layout

  • Sketch your home layout first. Mark locations of doors, windows, rooms etc.
  • The design must be structurally sound with proper load transfers. Consult engineers if needed.
  • Wall thickness with bottle layers is usually 10-12 inches. Account for this in dimensions.
  • Orient windows for best natural light and ventilation.

Prepare the Foundation

  • Clear the ground and level it.
  • Dig foundation trenches as per the planned layout.
  • Pour concrete into the trenches to make a solid foundation.
  • Insert steel rods in the foundation for reinforcement. Let it cure completely.

Build the Walls

  • Arrange bottle bases outward and necks inward for interlocking.
  • Fill bottles with sand halfway to provide rigidity.
  • Use chicken wire to attach bottles side by side and reinforce.
  • Add 2-3 layers of bottles, offsetting the necks and bases.
  • Fill gaps between bottles with cement mortar for bonding.
  • Allow mortar to dry fully before adding next layer.
  • Continue adding bottle layers till desired height.

Add Openings

  • Leave spaces for doors and windows as per the layout.
  • Install door frames and windows after the wall is 4-5 layers high.
  • Once installed, continue building up the walls around the openings.
  • Brace openings properly so weight is transferred to the foundation.

Apply Surface Finish

  • Apply cement plaster to interior and exterior walls to smoothen.
  • Paint walls with waterproof breathable paint.
  • Install roofing, plumbing, electrics etc to finish the home.

With proper design and technique, building a home from plastic bottles is cost effective and environmentally friendly. The finished home will be sturdy and durable too. Follow all safety norms while building. Get expert guidance and approvals before starting.