How to Actually Save Money By Unplugging Your Appliances

How to Actually Save Money By Unplugging Your Appliances

How to Actually Save Money By Unplugging Your Appliances

Unplugging unused appliances is one of the easiest ways to reduce your electricity bill and save money. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to save by unplugging appliances.

Which Appliances To Unplug

The most effective appliances to unplug are ones that draw power even when switched off, known as “phantom load” devices. Some top candidates are:

1. TV and stereo systems

TVs and stereos use several watts of power when plugged in. Unplugging them when not in use can save $10-$50 per year.

2. Computers and monitors

Computers and monitors draw power even when shut down. Unplug laptop chargers, printers, routers and speakers when not needed.

3. Kitchen appliances

Coffee makers, microwaves and toaster ovens use power when idle. Unplug them after each use.

4. Chargers

Phone chargers, power tools and other chargers drain power when still plugged in. Unplug when not charging.

5. Game consoles

Xboxes, Playstations and other consoles use 2-4 watts when “off”. Unplug when not playing games.

How Much Money Can You Save?

The amount you save depends on the appliance and how often it’s unplugged. Here are typical savings for unplugging some common devices:

  • Unplugging an idle TV can save $10-$50 per year
  • Unplugging a computer when not in use can save $10-$75 annually
  • Unplugging kitchen appliances can save $5-$20 each annually
  • Unplugging phone chargers and other idle electronics can save $1-10 per device

If you unplugged all phantom load devices in your home when not in use, you could save $100-$200 per year or more! Those savings really add up.

Tips For Effectively Unplugging Appliances

Follow these tips to make unplugging appliances a breeze:

  • Use power strips. Plug electronics into power strips so you can turn off multiple devices at once.

  • Unplug before lengthy vacations. Ensure appliances are unplugged before leaving for a week or longer.

  • Remind housemates to unplug. Have everyone unplug devices in shared living spaces when not in use.

  • Unplug small appliances after each use. Quickly unplug things like coffeemakers when done using them.

  • Label cords. Use colored tape or labels so you know which cord belongs to which device.

  • Unplug appliances before bed. Develop a routine of unplugging devices before going to sleep each night.

Bottom Line

Unplugging phantom load appliances is a simple, fast way to start saving electricity and money. Identify the biggest offenders in your home and get in the habit of unplugging them when not needed. With smart unplugging, you can save over $100 per year without sacrificing convenience. Try it out – your wallet will thank you!