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How Do We Control Air Pollution?

How Do We Control Air Pollution?

Air pollution is a type of environmental degradation that can affect human and animal health. It can be caused by natural or manmade sources.

One of the most common sources of air pollution is burning fossil fuels. These fuels are used to generate electricity and heat homes and factories. When these fuels are burned, they produce large amounts of carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide.

The emission of these gases into the atmosphere causes an imbalance in the gaseous composition of the atmosphere. This imbalance has contributed to the climate change we are experiencing.

To reduce the amount of air pollutants, we must take steps to minimize our energy use. We can do this by buying items that require less energy, switching off appliances when not in use, or buying items that are made from recycled materials.

Another way to reduce air pollution is to avoid driving cars. Instead, use public transportation or take walks. Riding a bike is another option. You should also support local businesses.

Air pollution can cause lung diseases, heart disease, and respiratory disorders. In addition, it can damage buildings and plants.

Pollution can cause birth defects. Many people die every year from air pollution-related illnesses.

Some people suffer from asthma. Others have neurological damage from living in a polluted area. Living in polluted areas puts you at a higher risk for respiratory diseases, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), nine out of ten people breathe air that exceeds WHO guidelines.

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