“Forget Store-Bought Shelves – Make Your Own Wall-Mounted Wine Glass Holder With Old Pallets and Pipe”

“Forget Store-Bought Shelves – Make Your Own Wall-Mounted Wine Glass Holder With Old Pallets and Pipe”

Forget Store-Bought Shelves – Make Your Own Wall-Mounted Wine Glass Holder With Old Pallets and Pipe

I’m always looking for creative ways to decorate and organize my home. As someone who enjoys hosting and entertaining, having enough space to store and display wine glasses is important. However, most wall-mounted wine glass racks and shelves can be expensive, and often feel impersonal.

Recently, I discovered an easy DIY solution for creating a custom wine glass holder using materials I already had on hand – old wooden pallets and iron pipes. Not only was this project budget-friendly, but it allowed me to upcycle and repurpose materials in a stylish way. Here’s how I did it.

Gathering the Materials

The great thing about this project is that it requires only a few supplies, many of which can be sourced for free or very cheaply:

  • Old wooden pallets: I was able to get these for free from a local business. Pallets are often discarded and given away for free if you ask around.

  • Iron pipes: I purchased a couple 8″ segments of 1/2″ thick iron pipe from the hardware store for just a few dollars.

  • Wall anchors: Choose anchors that can support the weight of the loaded shelf. I used heavy duty drywall anchors.

  • Screws and nuts: To secure the pipes and pallets together. Stainless steel hardware works best for corrosion resistance.

  • Stainless steel wine glass hooks: These attach to the bottom of the shelf to hold wine glasses by their stems.

  • Wood glue, sandpaper, wood finish: To prep and finish the pallet wood.

Preparing the Pallet Wood

Pallets can splinter easily, so light sanding is key to create a smooth surface:

  • Take the pallet apart into separate boards by prying off the nails.
  • Sand each board lightly to remove splinters and rough edges.
  • Clean boards with a damp cloth before reassembling.
  • Cut pallet wood to your desired shelf dimensions as needed.
  • Glue boards back together, sandwiching iron pipes in between top and bottom boards.
  • Once dry, sand and finish with polyurethane or wood finish.

Mounting the Shelf

With the shelf ready, it’s time to mount it:

  • Determine desired location on wall and use a stud finder to mark stud locations.
  • Use a level to ensure shelf will be mounted straight.
  • Pre-drill pilot holes into studs where pipes will be anchored.
  • Insert wall anchors (if not drilling into studs).
  • Use pipe holder floor flanges to create L-brackets for securing shelf pipes to the wall anchors.
  • Insert shelf pipes into floor flanges and tighten.
  • Attach wine glass hooks evenly along the bottom of the shelf.
  • Load shelf by hooking wine glass stems over the hooks. Display and enjoy!

Tips and Tricks

Follow these tips for the best results with your DIY pallet wine glass shelf:

  • Sand thoroughly to prevent splinters and rough edges. Wear gloves when handling un-sanded pallets.
  • Use galvanized pipes, floor flanges, and hardware for rust resistance. Or spray paint to protect from corrosion.
  • Seal the wood with polyurethane or finish to protect from moisture and wine stains.
  • Pre-drill holes for screws to prevent splitting pallet boards when assembling.
  • Use sturdy wall anchors like toggle bolts for heavy weight. Re-inforce in studs when possible.
  • Space hooks evenly 2-3 inches apart to prevent crowding and slipping.
  • Store heavier glasses like Pinot and Champagne flutes on lower hooks for stability.

With the right materials and a Saturday afternoon, you can build a gorgeous custom wine glass rack that looks high-end for a fraction of the cost. Upcycling pallets into functional shelving is also a sustainable way to repurpose salvaged wood. So grab some pallets and pipes, crack open a bottle, and get ready for your best DIY project yet!