“Creating DIY Toilet Paper From Old Newspapers”

“Creating DIY Toilet Paper From Old Newspapers”

Creating DIY Toilet Paper From Old Newspapers

Why Make Your Own Toilet Paper?

The COVID-19 pandemic caused toilet paper shortages around the world as panicked buyers stockpiled this essential household item. As store shelves emptied, many people started looking for alternative ways to source toilet paper. Making your own toilet paper from materials you already have at home, like old newspapers, is a practical solution for this problem.

Some key reasons to make your own toilet paper include:

  • Avoiding shortages: Making your own ensures you have a steady supply during periods of high demand. You control the means of production.

  • Reducing waste: Repurposing used newspapers keeps them out of the landfill. It’s a great recycling project.

  • Lower cost: Homemade toilet paper is essentially free if you use old newspapers you already have. Much cheaper than store-bought.

  • Customization: You can experiment with different thicknesses, scents, and textures. Tailor the finished product to your preferences.

  • Self-sufficiency: Taking matters into your own hands gives a satisfying sense of independence and self-reliance.

Selecting the Right Materials

The basic ingredients for homemade toilet paper are water, newspapers, and blender. Choosing the right materials will impact the quality and functionality of your final product:

  • Newspapers: Seek out large broadsheet newspapers with smooth, ink-free paper. Avoid heavily printed sections.

  • Water: Use regular tap water. Very warm water makes pulping easier. Add a few drops of scented oils or soap for fragrance.

  • Blender: You need a high-power blender to puree the newspaper and water into pulp. A food processor also works.

  • Additional ingredients (optional): To make softer paper, try adding a tablespoon of hair conditioner or glycerin to the pulp. For grit, add a cup of cornmeal or coffee grounds.

  • Mold and deckle: These specialized papermaking tools help shape and dry your paper. But you can easily improvise with wood frames and window screen.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Follow these steps to turn old newspapers into fresh, functional toilet paper:

Tear up newspapers

Tear or cut newspapers into small 1-2 inch pieces. Try to remove any heavily printed sections first.

Add paper to blender

Fill blender about 2/3 full with the torn up paper pieces.

Add hot water and blend

Pour in very warm (not boiling) water until papers are fully submerged. Blend on high until you have an evenly pulped consistency.

Drain and press pulp

Pour the pulp into a sieve and press out as much water as possible. Reserve the water.

Add pulp to mold

Spread pulp in even layer across a mold lined with window screen.

Dry the paper

Gently press out more water and lift screen to remove new paper sheet. Lay flat to dry completely.

Cut into sheets

Use pinking shears or a crinkle cutter to cut dried paper into toilet paper sheets.

Tips for Best Results

With practice, you can churn out soft, strong toilet paper. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Soak newspapers well before blending for quicker pulping.

  • Add conditioner or oils for softer, more absorbent paper.

  • Alternate grain direction with each new sheet for strength.

  • Let paper dry completely before use. At least 12-24 hours.

  • Store finished toilet paper in sealed container to prevent dampness.

Final Thoughts

Making your own toilet paper is incredibly gratifying and practical in times of scarcity. With just newspapers, water, and a blender you can be self-sufficient. Experiment with additives and molds to customize texture and strength. And reduce waste by giving used paper a valuable second life!