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Can We Rely on 100% Renewable Energy?

Can We Rely on 100% Renewable Energy?

In the past five years, interest in 100% renewable energy has increased. This has been partly driven by global warming concerns and constraints on energy sources.

As more and more nations commit to reducing emissions, they are also committing to use more renewable sources. While these targets might sound ambitious, they are still achievable with the right technology.

Some models show that it could be possible to achieve 100 percent renewable energy by mid-century. However, they expect it to be an epic battle.

If we want to meet the ambitious goals, we need a massive public movement that breaks the inertia of the fossil fuel energy system. We will also need triple investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy deployment.

A new report explains how we can do this. The Energy Innovation Reform Project has put together a comprehensive literature review.

The authors of the paper explore the challenges of 100% renewables on a variety of timescales. It includes research on sector-specific transitions and deep decarbonization.

There are many technical, social, and economic challenges associated with achieving 100% renewables. One of the most important is the need for batteries and other storage systems. Without these, electricity supplies can be interrupted during periods of low wind or sunlight.

Another challenge is the need to build interstate power lines. The United States has already set local targets for 100% renewables.

However, each percentage point between 90% and 100% renewables is more expensive to achieve.

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