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Building Codes – What Are the 5 Building Types?

Building codes classify all buildings into one of five different types of construction. Each type has its own properties and uses. The main purpose of categorizing construction is to ensure fire safety for occupants and to keep property safe.

Depending on the material used in a structure, fire resistance can be improved or decreased. In addition, a building’s cost can also be affected. The materials and costs of a structure will depend on the building’s size, use and the design of the architectural features.

There are two basic types of non-combustible construction. The first is characterized by noncombustible interiors and exterior walls, while the second is characterized by non-combustible structural elements. For example, a building constructed with a metal roof is a noncombustible structure. However, a wood-framed roof may be considered combustible.

The third type of construction is called ordinary construction, and it is typically made with ordinary or non-combustible materials. Most modern homes use this type of building construction. It is inexpensive and easy to construct. It does not provide as much fire resistance as the other types, but it does not collapse as quickly in the event of a fire.

The fourth type of construction is a heavy timber building, which is also known as a wood-framed building. These structures are common in new and old buildings. They feature a wooden floor assembly and a wood-framed roof. This type of construction is a common choice for low-rise structures, but can be very dangerous in a fire.

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