“Building a Doghouse Out of Cardboard and Twine”

“Building a Doghouse Out of Cardboard and Twine”

Building a doghouse out of cardboard and twine can be a fun and rewarding DIY project. With some basic materials and tools, I was able to build a custom doghouse for my dog that is sturdy, weatherproof, and stylish.

Selecting Materials

The first step is to gather the needed materials. The main components will be:

  • Cardboard – Reclaimed cardboard boxes or sheets work well. Opt for thick, corrugated cardboard for durability.

  • Twine – Cotton or jute twine is best. Select a heavier gauge for strength.

  • Scissors – For cutting cardboard and twine.

  • Utility knife – For scoring and cutting cardboard.

  • Ruler – For measuring materials.

  • Pencil – For marking cuts.

  • Staple gun – For securing cardboard together.

  • Glue – All-purpose glue for adhering pieces.

  • Paint – Acrylic craft paints for decorating.

  • Sealer – Clear sealer to weatherproof the house.

Collect enough sturdy cardboard to construct the floor, walls, and roof. Have plenty of twine on hand to assemble and reinforce the structure.

Design and Measurements

Before building, think about how large the doghouse needs to be. Measure my dog from nose to tail to determine the interior length.

Allow at least 6 inches of extra interior length beyond the dog’s measurements for comfort. For the width, measure the dog’s height at the shoulders and add 6-10 inches.

For the height, measure from the floor to the top of the dog’s head and add 3-6 inches for clearance.

An entrance about 1.5 times the shoulder width is ideal. Design the house with a front overhang to help shed rain.

Sketch plans for the walls, roof, and floor. Measure and mark on the cardboard to prepare cutting pieces to size.

Cutting and Assembling

Use the utility knife to score the cardboard where cuts are marked. Snap pieces along the scored line. For longer cuts, use sturdy scissors.

Cut pieces for the floor, walls, and roof according to measurements. Staple or glue walls together at the corners first. Glue and staple the floor to the bottom of walls.

Cut pieces for the front overhang and roof. Assemble into sloped roof panels using staples, glue, and triangular corner gussets cut from cardboard. Attach roof to side walls with staples and glue.

Use twine to reinforce the corners and joints by wrapping and tying it around the structure. this will add strength and stability.

Finishing Touches

Customize the doghouse with paint if desired. Use exterior acrylic craft paints in fun colors. Allow paint to fully dry before continuing.

Seal the cardboard with clear sealer like Mod Podge. Apply 2-3 coats, allowing it to dry between applications to properly seal and waterproof the house.

Finally, add a comfy dog bed inside so my dog can rest in style! Place the doghouse in a covered spot in the yard.

Building a durable doghouse out of cardboard and twine allowed me to create a custom shelter for my dog to enjoy. With some simple tools and materials, this eco-friendly project was easy and rewarding to complete!